House Of The Dragon: What Jacaerys And Helaena’s Happy Dance In Episode 8 Means

Jacaerys And Helaena’s Happy Dance In Episode 8
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Episode 8 of HBO’s House of the Dragon showed a heartwarming get-together among the House Targaryen, after the tense and shocking meeting at the hall. During the dinner, Jacaerys asked Helaena to dance after the princess said, “It’s not so bad. He mostly just ignores you, except sometimes when he’s drunk,” which is a jab at her husband, Aegon II.

Helaena Targaryen House of the Dragon
Phia Saban as Helaena Targaryen

Before this, Princess Rhaenyra once proposed to Queen Alicent to betroth her son Jacaerys to Helaena, to unite their families. Unfortunately, they did not see eye to eye in this matter. As one of the most touching scenes in House of the Dragon, everyone seemed so happy while dining before Aemond delivered his sarcastic message and toast to the “Strong boys.”

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House Of The Dragon Hinted At A Peaceful Targaryen Family

Jacaerys Velaryon House of the Dragon
Harry Collett as Jacaerys Velaryon

While Jacaerys and Helaena will not end up together, their dance is proof that the Targaryen and Velaryon children can actually become friends. The young prince is now betrothed to his cousin Baela Targaryen, and Helaena is already married to her brother Aegon II. Both Jace and Helaena are kind and gentle, and they could have made a happy couple.

Unfortunately, their dance also hints at the looming civil war between their families. This is the last time the audience will see both parties happy, as the Dance of the Dragons will take place after King Viserys’s death.

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Why Jace Asked Helaena To Dance

The reason why Jace asked Helaena for dance is that he saw how badly Aegon has treated his wife, ignoring her most of the time and only acknowledging her existence if he’s drunk and wants sex. This act of compassion and gentlemanliness is Jace’s way of giving his cousin the respect she deserves. It also serves as an insult to Aegon, who kept making fun of him during dinner.

House of the Dragon Alicent Helaena
Olivia Cooke as Alicent Hightower and Evie Allen as Young Helaena Targaryen

Helaena is undoubtedly the most innocent of all the Targaryen children. She never harmed anyone and was very gentle, even towards her favorite bugs. Unbeknownst to everyone, she will suffer the most once the war begins. Her tragic fate will be the result of the bad choices her family will soon make.

Although the young princess has less exposure than her brothers, Helaena has become one of the most likable characters in House of the Dragon. It would have saved their house from a lot of trouble if she ended up with Jace instead of Aegon.


Set two hundred years before the events in Game of Thrones, the prequel series follows the House Targaryen at the height of their reign over Westeros. The coveted Iron Throne will drive each member to fight one another, tearing the most powerful house apart.

House of the Dragon Episode 9 will air this Sunday on HBO Max.

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