“How am I gonna fake my way through here?”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Confesses His Insecurities, Compares Himself to Muhammad Ali

"How am I gonna fake my way through here?": Arnold Schwarzenegger Confesses His Insecurities, Compares Himself to Muhammad Ali
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Action God Arnold Schwarzenegger has one of the most successful careers as an actor. Coming from bodybuilding he has dominated the Hollywood action industry for decades with some of his fellow stars but Schwarzenegger is not devoid of insecurities.

Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared in Rich Roll Podcast
Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared in Rich Roll Podcast

Schwarzenegger could see many flaws in him when he saw his reflection after being Mr. Olympia but his self-critical approach pushed the actor to work hard to be even a better version of himself. The actor revealed his workout went to the extent of Muhammad Ali.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Revealed His Insecurities

Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed his insecurities in Rich Roll Podcast
Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed his insecurities in Rich Roll Podcast

Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted having certain flaws and insecurities in him. Appearing on Rich Roll Podcast, the actor candidly revealed details of the days of his struggles. “The only thing is that I think maybe would help me is that they never really felt that I have arrived,” Schwarzenegger told Rich Roll.

“I remember where I have to make myself kind of feel like I’m the Mr Olympia. But when I look in the mirror I see so many flaws. So many flaws and it’s easier delts are never big enough, the thighs are ‘Oh come on’ you know? How am I gonna fake my way through here, you know? So that’s the way I talk to myself but then when I go out it says oh I’m going to show them the best body in the world that has ever seen. But I mean the the reality of it is I just always kind of like felt you know fortunate that I’m in this situation and but I don’t get like a big head it’s because of it”

Similar to boxing legend Muhammad Ali, The Terminator actor is aware of his vulnerabilities and insecurities. “I think that even more mid Muhammad Ali I’m sure that he had his own moments of reality,” the 76-year-old said. Schwarzenegger highlighted his insecurities stating that even Ali had to endure his vulnerabilities acknowledging mistakes is a part of life.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Recalled His Moments With Muhammad Ali

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Muhammad Ali
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Muhammad Ali. Source: Getty Images

Schwarzenegger called Ali a great showman. “He was like he was a showman. Yeah, and Muhammad Ali was just an extraordinary showman that had so much joy in his sport,” Schwarzenegger told Roll. The actor also acknowledged Ali’s power to entertain people.

To be able to “kind of entertain people in that way and to have a mind that can remember all this stuff I mean his poetry and all the stuff” as he never made a mistake was definitely commendable in Schwarzenegger’s eyes. The actor also recalled his moment with the boxer in the 70s. 

“I hung out with him a lot in the 70s. I traveled around the United States with him, we went into various different TV studios, did interviews there, you know? He was always there first going out there and doing his interview and all this we always talked about it hung out with the same people. A lot of times he invited me to different events he just was really really good.”

In many ways, Schwarzenegger believed, he was similar to Ali. Their self-criticism and power to evolve over it helped them to stand among the greatest. The Predator actor endured a lot yet he pushed himself to rise over his insecurities.


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