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How Brad Pitt Almost Starred in Kick-Ass

An exciting piece of information related to the film Kick-Ass recently made waves on the internet. The original star cast of Kick-Ass might have included Brad Pitt. In the movie Kick-Ass, the role of Big Daddy holds immense importance. However, Nicolas Cage was not the first option for the part; instead, it was Brad Pitt. He was initially considered to be the ideal choice for the role.

Brad Pitt – The Original Choice

Brad Pitt the original choice for Kick-Ass
A glimpse of Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt had other commitments on his part and had his date fixed for the movie Inglourious Basterds. Hence, the director Vaughn had the additional option of Nicolas Cage for the role. Nicolas Cage possesses the required qualities for the character and will deliver in his unique style. 

The New Big Daddy!

Nicolas Cage was later signed for the role
Nicolas Cage

However, the hype that Brad Pitt would have created would be undoubtedly huge. But fans need not be saddened by this news since he will be partly a producer of the film. Over the years, many roles have slipped from Brad Pitt’s kitty.  Due to date issues, he could not be signed in for the role of Big Daddy too.

The story of the movie Kick-Ass revolves around the life of a real-life superhero. The other actors to be part of the film include Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Mark Strong, Chloë Grace Moretz, and Nicolas Cage.

The Film Fared Well! resizeimage 17
Director Matthew Vaughn

The movie, however, failed to impress at the box office and later made its entry to the R-rated comic book films. The director of the movie went through tough times to finance the film. After the movie released, it acquired around $96 million on its release. 

Matthew Vaughn is all set to release his next movie on the 18th of September. The film is titled ‘The King’s Man.’ 

Here’s the fight scene from the movie Kick-Ass:

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