“How can Matt Damon be so lethal?”: Dolph Lundgren Downplayed Bourne Movies While Praising His Grueling On Screen Fight With Sylvester Stallone

Dolph Lundgren doesn't thing modern action movies are worth it as he once called out Matt Damon's Bourne movies while simultaneously praising his and Sylvester Stallone's fight scenes.

"How can Matt Damon be so lethal?": Dolph Lundgren Downplayed Bourne Movies While Praising His Grueling On Screen Fight With Sylvester Stallone


  • Dolph Lundgren talked about the unreality that exists between action films of today's age and yesterday's.
  • Lundgren once called out Matt Damon's Bourne franchise for relying on editing and modern techniques.
  • Lundgren also stated that how he and Sylvester Stallone would do it 'real' instead of using CGI or editing.
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Dolph Lundgren, Sylvester Stallone, and Matt Damon are all action heroes of Hollywood. The only difference is while Lundgren and Stallone are known best for their ‘real actions’, Damon on the other hand has been in action movies that relied more on modern editing techniques.

dolph lundgren (via his instagram)
Dolph Lundgren (via his Instagram)

Recently in an interview, Lundgren talked about the unreality that exists between action films of today’s age and yesterday’s. But this wasn’t the first time he threw shade at the genre in modern times, even a decade ago he had called out Damon’s Bourne franchise for relying on editing and modern techniques instead of taking the ‘physical’ route he and his contemporaries took.

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Dolph Lundgren Praised His Real Action Scenes While Calling Out Jason Bourne Movies

Matt Damon in and as Jason Bourne
Matt Damon in and as Jason Bourne

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In a recent interview with Film School Rejects Dolph Lundgren remarked how back in the day actors had real physiques and did all their stunts themselves. It is an opinion he has maintained through the years, for when the first Expendables was released he had similar thoughts to express in an interview with Den of Geek.

When he was asked to remark on the fact that Expendables featured the majority of the stunts being performed on camera, without body doubles or impeccable editing, Lundgren called out Matt Damon‘s Bourne movies, differentiating between his and Damon’s ‘action movies’.


“It came a little bit with the Bourne series, that took a really good actor who wasn’t really a fighter, but the story was perfect because it said how can he be such a lethal fighter, you know? How can Matt Damon be so lethal? He doesn’t know who he is, you were wondering who he is, and how he can fight like that?”

While at the same time, the actor remarked how he and Sylvester Stallone would do it ‘real’ instead of using CGI or editing,

“And in order to accomplish that it had to use a special editing job. Whereas in the old days, when me and Stallone were fighting in the ring, everything was real. It was all us. There was nobody else in there. Stallone, with no shirt on, getting hit while he was directing the movie.”

While both eras of action movies are well-liked by the audience, the movies of recent times indeed lack the element of reality, a fact that makes Lundgren prefer movies of his time.

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Dolph Lundgren Prefers Action Films Of His Time Than Modern Times

Dolph Lundgren and Sylvester Stallone in Rocky IV
Lundgren and Stallone in Rocky IV

Dolph Lundgren has starred in multiple action movies, back in the day and now. Having starred in movies like The Punisher, Universal SoldierThe Expendables, etc. the Rocky IV star prefers action movies of his time that featured real ‘muscle’ men, performing ‘real’ fights and stunts.

While talking to Film School Rejects, the actor stated,

“I mean, people are very good at putting these things together. Back in those days, you took somebody who could take their shirt off and have real muscles. Now, you take somebody who has won an Academy Award, put them in a suit, and he looks like he’s got muscles.”

There is no doubt that today’s action flicks lack the reality of old times when the heroes had to look intimidating rather than just act as one. However, opinions are subjective and it is the audience’s perspective that rules the film industry.


The Bourne movies can be rented on YouTube.


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