“How can you follow a film if you can’t hear the actors”: Christopher Nolan Admits His Mistake in Cillian Murphy’s ‘Oppenheimer’

"How can you follow a film if you can't hear the actors": Christopher Nolan Admits His Mistake in Cillian Murphy's 'Oppenheimer'
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Christopher Nolan stands prominently among the visionary directors who leave an indelible mark on the industry, pushing boundaries and crafting stories that transcend the ordinary. His latest film Oppenheimer is being hailed as “arguably Nolan’s most impressive work yet.” Critics gave their verdict as an epic historical drama but with a distinctly Nolan sensibility: the tension, structure, sense of scale, startling sound design, and remarkable visuals.

Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan and Cillian Murphy behind the scenes of Oppenheimer

Amid all this praise, it’s hard to digest that Nolan could make any mistake while making the film. But there is something that gave some trouble for the audience and even Nolan admits it.

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Some Found the Dialogues of Oppenheimer Unintelligible

Film critics and audiences around the world gave Oppenheimer multiple thumbs up, praising Christopher Nolan and the cast. With Oppenheimer, critic says Nolan is becoming more mature as a filmmaker than ever before, and it feels like we may just now be beginning to see what incredible work he’s truly capable of making.

However, some people found the audio of the movie inaudible. Recently, BBC newsreader Jane Hill complained that she had to leave the theater halfway as she was unable to hear the dialogue properly. So, just like his earlier movies, Nolan’s sound mix is a source of debate among viewers.

Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan

The BBC newsreader directly told Nolan, “How can you follow a film if you can’t hear the actors.” She found it frustrating how often the actors were overshadowed by the music and effects, “I missed a chunk of dialogues.”


Nolan explained that one reason it may be hard to hear the dialogue in Oppenheimer is because he refuses to re-record his actors in post-production.

Starring Cillian Murphy as J. Robert Oppenheimer, Nolan’s latest film chronicles the life and career of the American theoretical physicist largely responsible for the creation of the atomic bomb.

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Christopher Nolan Addresses Oppenheimer‘s Sound Mix Issue

The dialogue in Christopher Nolan’s movies is sometimes difficult to understand due to the intensity of the volume, but the filmmaker claims there is a specific reason for that.

The director emphasizes this point and explains why some of the dialogue in Oppenheimer and his other films can be difficult to understand.

He said he refuses to use additional dialogue recordings (ADR) in post-production because he prefers to capture the dialogue at the moment rather than ask actors to re-record lines in a soundproof booth later.

Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan

I like to use the performance that was given in the moment rather than the actor revoice it later,” he explained. “Which is an artistic choice that some people disagree with, and that’s their right.”

Whatever vocal takes Nolan obtains on the day of filming are used in the theatrical cut of the movie because he refuses to record ADR. Oppenheimer may have largely intelligible dialogue, but it doesn’t appear that Nolan will adjust the way he approaches anytime soon to placate frustrated moviegoers.

Meanwhile, Oppenheimer has soared past the $400 million mark at the worldwide box office in less than two weeks of release.


Oppenheimer is in Cinemas now.

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