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“How come Gadot and Olsen are not hated?”: Brie Larson Casting Doubts Over Future Captain Marvel Appearances For Constant Harassment Divides Internet, Fans Believe She Brought it On Herself

Brie Larson Casting Doubts Over Future Captain Marvel Appearances For Constant Harassment Divides Internet, Fans Believe She Brought it On Herself

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel has always been a subject of controversial casting in the MCU. Numerous amount of times, people expressed their hatred and criticism for the character. Over time she had been given many hateful tags such as arrogant, rude, and snarky. But in reality, nobody could actually prove what’s the exact reason for hating her or her character. Quite unfortunately, it seemed to have taken a toll on Brie Larson also as she even herself questioned the future of her character during a recent interview.

Brie Larson shares her workout routine
Brie Larson

Brie Larson recently appeared at the D23 Expo along with Iman Vellani and Teyonah Paris where a new clip of The Marvels is shown. The Captain Marvel sequel will pick off from exactly where Ms. Marvel finished.  

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Brie Larson doubts her future in the MCU

Although Captain Marvel grabbed a huge amount of cash from the box office and even managed to get a decent rating, it is one of the most panned movies among the MCU fans. While most of the fans blame it on poor writing and lack of depth in the character, some of them just simply hate Carol Danvers due to Brie Larson being the actress.

Captain Marvel
Brie Larson as Captain Marvel

But it is really heartbreaking how everything of this mentally affected Larson. When she was asked by Variety about the future of her role, her reply was:

“I don’t know,” she says. “I don’t know. Does anyone want me to do it again?”

As soon as this surfaced on the internet, the Internet was divided. While several Marvel Fans raised their voice to support her, several of them still think she’s at fault and should be recast.  After such a long-running hatred campaign, it’s natural for someone to be affected by it as a result of which many of the fans are concerned about her future in the studio.

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Why is Brie Larson hated so much?

The exact reason why the Kong: Skull Island actress is hated so much is never been stated accurately by the audiences. Most people believe that it’s due to her statements at the 2018 Women in Film awards. 

Brie Larson superhero star who has won the oscars
Brie Larson was criticized for her diversity comments in 2018

At the award ceremony, Brie Larson demanded more diverse film critics. But the words didn’t go well with the audience who thought that she made this controversial statement and demanded diversity only for her own need. Undoubtedly this was a major setback in her career. 

Following this, the actress once again headlined the news when her relationship with her superhero co-stars was brought to question. Many people picked up an interview from Endgame promotions to point out how the War Machine actor Don Cheadle made an awkward gesture to Larson’s action. This interview still divides the internet but what half of the people tend to forget is that Cheadle himself took to Twitter to defend Larson and cleared everything up.

Brie Larson
The interview of Brie Larson, Don Cheadle, and Chris Hemsworth

It can be stated that most of the things said to Brie Larson are unjustified to a large extent. Many people believe that her attitude about being vocal with everything has brought this mass hatred to her. Still, it also can’t be denied that many people simply hate her due to sexist and unexplainable reasons which can’t be acceptable.

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Well with a new director on board, it can be hoped that The Marvels will be enjoyed by the fans more. And who knows but this may also become the comeback moment for the actress. 

The Marvels is going to hit the theaters on July 28, 2023 

Source: Variety

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