How DC Characters Are Chosen For ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is in a unique position compared to the other DC Television Universe shows like Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl. The show is able to explore certain DC characters that are unknown names compared to characters like Oliver Queen, Barry Allen, and Kara Danvers.


Part of the charm of the series is that we get to see new adventures with this eclectic group of heroes and exploring the lore of DC characters that are not as well-recognized by the masses and can satisfy hardcore fans who never would’ve thought that they’d be seeing these characters in a live-action series.

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Producer of the DC shows, Marc Guggenheim, recently spoke at ACE Comic-Con about how the decisions are made with regard to which DC characters could potentially be implemented into Legends of Tomorrow. Although there is a wish list of certain characters they would love to see introduced, Guggenheim says that each character must correctly serve the story:

“It’s a delicate balance. There’s always a wish list of characters, a bucket list of characters, but at the same time, we always try very hard to avoid the temptation to just wedge in characters. It really comes down to ‘What’s the story we’re telling this week’ And if there’s an opportunity to tell that story with a character from the DC universe, or just a nod, or an Easter egg, we try to take the opportunity. We’re always about keeping our eyes open for the opportunity, but not letting the opportunity drive the story. Not just going down a list of characters and saying ‘Well this week, we’re going to have this character!’”

As an example, Guggenheim discussed the upcoming appearance of John Constantine:

“One thing we wanted to do on Legends was bring on John Constantine, as an example. But it wasn’t just a matter of ‘Well, let’s get Matt Ryan and we’ll just do it.’ You have to have the right story. Because if you don’t have the right story, it’s gonna feel flat, it’s gonna feel like you’re just paying a bill or checking a box.”

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow stars Caity Lotz as Sara Lance/White Canary, Arthur Darvill as Rip Hunter, Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer/The Atom, Dominic Purcell as Mick Rory/Heatwave, Franz Drameh as Jefferson “Jax” Jackson/Firestorm, Victor Garber as Professor Martin Stein, Nick Zano as Nate Heywood/Citizen Steel, Maisie Richardson-Sellers as Amaya Jiwe/Vixen and Tala Ashe as Zari Tomaz.

In season three, the team land in Star City after defeating Legion of Doom, learning that they created anachronisms through time. Rip Hunter has formed a new organization, the Time Bureau, tasked with fixing the anachronisms. Zari Adrianna Tomaz joins the team, a hacktivist from 2042 who can manipulate air by using a powerful amulet connected to Amaya’s totem. Rip Hunter tells the team of a mysterious figure, Mallus, whose follower, Eleanor, has resurrected Kuasa and Damien Darhk for a dark purpose.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returns on February 12th at 8 pm ET on The CW.


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