“How did you do that?”: Tom Cruise Instantly Added DCU’s Superman Henry Cavill to His Exclusive Christmas List After Mission Impossible Co-Star Left Him Floored

“How did you do that?”: Tom Cruise Instantly Added DCU's Superman Henry Cavill to His Exclusive Christmas List After Mission Impossible Co-Star Left Him Floored
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Tom Cruise, the action hero known for his death-defying stunts is also a very sweet person in real life. With his iconic tradition of gifting cakes on Christmas, the actor even added Henry Cavill to his cake-giving list after they shot the 2018 movie Mission: Impossible – Fallout.


Talking about the iconic bathroom fight scene in the 2018 movie, Cruise was left so impressed with Henry Cavill that the actor immediately became good friends with him. While referencing his iconic “arm reload”, the Top Gun actor was left fascinated by Cavill’s appearance and persona.

Henry Cavill and Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible- Fallout
Henry Cavill and Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible- Fallout

When Tom Cruise Was Fascinated By Henry Cavill

Well, the Mission Impossible actor is indeed more veteran in status compared to Henry Cavill but both have their hold in the Hollywood industry. With Cruise’s iconic franchise getting multiple sequels, the inclusion and collision of Henry Cavill and Tom Cruise were bound to happen.

Henry Cavill in Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018).
Henry Cavill in Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018).

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The collision did take place when the duo met on the sets of the 2018 movie Mission: Impossible – Fallout. With both hunky actors about to fight, an iconic scene was shot by Cavill that accidentally made Cruise and other people fascinated by his charm. During the iconic bathroom fight scene, Henry Cavill pumps his fists as if he is reloading it. According to Cruise, the duo looked at the scene multiple times and he was left fascinated by Cavill and his acting skills.

While in an interview with BBC Radio 1, the Jack Reacher actor stated his reaction to seeing Henry Cavill in action.


“We looked at that over and over in rushes. We’re going ‘How did you do that Henry?’, Okay? He’s so talented that he can do that. I remember the time I saw that take and he did that and I was like ‘This is awesome! This is amazing'”

Tom Cruise was truly fascinated since he included Henry Cavill in his yearly Christmas tradition of giving him a cake on the occasion of Christmas.

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When Tom Cruise Gave Henry Cavill A Christmas Cake

Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill.
Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill.

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The actor does like giving gifts to people and Henry Cavill was no other exception. Talking about it on The Graham Norton Show, The Witcher actor talked about the “unhealthy” cake that he had received from Cruise and how he had to break his diet because it was Tom Cruise who had sent it.

“We did the famous Christmas thing which happens every year is that Tom sends a Christmas cake, a coconut cake. One day, I received said coconut cake which said ‘Happy Christmas Henry, From Tom Cruise’ which is pretty cool by the way”

The actor further continued about how he cut the cake open and then did not stop eating until it was all gone.

“Cut it open, it is the most luxurious, unhealthy cake. And so um, I then…ate the whole thing”

With Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill in notable roles, Mission: Impossible – Fallout is available to stream on Paramount+.


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