“How do I download this?”: Ahead of Shattered Space’s Release, Starfield on Xbox Just Got Interesting as Newest Update Brings the ‘Creations’ Menu – Gone is the Boring Universe, In Comes the Real Fan-Made Fun

Starfield is about to become the ultimate dream come true for Star Wars fans.

shattered space


  • Starfield players can now be the Mandalorian while waiting for the Shattered Space DLC.
  • Bethesda gave away the Creation Kit, and the players have done incredible things with it.
  • Starfield: Shattered Space is scheduled to be released later this year, around the fall.
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Starfield is the height of the first-party lineup for Xbox and is about to become more interesting through mods. The modding community now feels seen knowing that Bethesda Game Studios has their back and gave them all the tools they need to make the game accessible.


Amidst the launch of the upcoming Shattered Space expansion, the developers graced the creative community and they took advantage of the Creations Kit. Modders have made some impressive content that is inspired by other franchises, like the Star Wars universe.

The Mandalorian Mod Is Now Available on Starfield

Starfield players can now flaunt the official armor set used by Din Djarin.
Starfield players can now flaunt the official armor set used by Din Djarin.

It wasn’t long ago when news broke out about the canceled Mandalorian project by EA as the gaming company opted to pursue another famous franchise from Marvel. The gaming community was understandably upset about the prospect of having a new Star Wars game, but the dream was crushed. Fortunately, the modding community has those fans covered in Starfield.


And so it begins..
byu/MrCastiel04 inStarfield

Bethesda Game Studios rolled out a new update for the game with some much-needed additions like a world map to navigate the large environments with ease and some quality-of-life improvements. This month’s update features the much-awaited Creations Kit and players can create unique cosmetic items to share with the gaming community. It transforms the game entirely.


The process of downloading the mod could not be simpler and it will increase the dwindling player count at a commensurate rate. The gaming community can now treat this game as an alternative to what could have been a great immersive experience from EA had they not pulled the plug on the project.

The modding community is doing wonders for this game and could encourage the players to return as they wait for the upcoming expansion that is set to be released later this year. Perhaps the players will sport this iconic cosmetic item while playing through the DLC, which will inspire more creators to make even more mods.

Starfield Is Benefiting Greatly From the Creativity of Modders

Starfield players are going to a galaxy far, far away with the latest mod.
Starfield players are going to a galaxy far, far away with the latest mod.

There is no telling what the players can bring to the game and the only limit is their imagination. Perhaps modders will come up with new variations for the cosmetic suit, like different colors and some minor changes.


The mod has garnered significant interest from fans, who are eagerly anticipating the chance to experience and immerse themselves in every second of it. The dream for a full-fledged game may be dead but this is the closest the fans to see it.

It is wholesome to see Bethesda Game Studios encourage this sort of activity and even give the community all the latest tools to help them realize their vision. Perhaps more game developers should be more open with the community and let their creativity do the heavy lifting for them.

Providing official support for mods is a positive indication for the gaming community. It shows their openness to let this game be the canvas for their dreams to flourish.


Will you be donning this armor mod during the Shattered Space expansion? Let us know in the comments sections below!



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