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“How do you keep so cool? Umm air conditioner?”: Johnny Depp’s Badass Sense of Humor in Interview Proves We Lost a Gem after Amber Heard Betrayed Him, Forever Turned Him Stoic and Serious

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The Johnny Depp stoicism era has begun. Gone are the days when the blatantly funny actor could turn a situation at any given moment laughable with his deadpan humor. Having faced off against Amber Heard in court, replaying moments of specific past incidents out for the world to hear, and facing the wrath of the divided public outside of the courtroom walls and on social media, it now seems like the Pirates of the Caribbean actor has been drained of his funny bone. The only physical representation that Johnny Depp is now capable of has all looked drastically similar to someone whose pet just got run over.

Johnny Depp circa 2017
Johnny Depp circa 2017

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Johnny Depp’s Past Interview Shows Off His Dry Humor

During the promotional tour of Mortdecai, the star-studded ensemble cast was paired and shipped off to sit for multiple interviews. In one particular interview, Johnny Depp and Paul Bettany happened to be exceptionally giddy, and given the former’s unwittingly charming presence, the interviewer directly asks Depp, “How do you keep so cool?” to which he replies without missing a beat, “Air conditioner.” 

Johnny Depp in Mortdecai
Johnny Depp in Mortdecai

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A joke which could have just as easily been discarded into the internet meme pile titled — some of the dumbest things celebrities said on camera — turned into a brilliantly snarky reply that never fails to make one laugh whenever they come across the interview. Paul Bettany was left visibly snorting at his companion’s silliness while Johnny Depp looked quite self-satisfied with his answer, which in his opinion was probably an obvious reply to a question that absurd.

Johnny Depp Grows World Weary After Amber Heard Trial

The celebrity trial of the century involving Johnny Depp and Amber Heard had played out in its elemental entirety in the public arena and the world made a mockery out of it. Memes as cruel as the public humiliation of Amber Heard occupied social media without pause, and the more the latter cried, the more enraged the public became — by either siding with her, or taking snapshots of her and circulating the picture captioned with something funny. A lesser degree of objectification was faced by the plaintiff as well, though not as cruel.

The Depp-Heard trial takes its toll on the actors
The Depp-Heard trial takes its toll on the actors

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The horrific case study of how the internet shapes people’s perceptions and can overturn any jury of the highest court was displayed in the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard defamation case. The mass favoritism paralleled by glorification for winning a defamation case was not enough, however, to overturn the decaying joviality of the City of Lies actor. Depp had remained present throughout the court proceedings and on the final day, the actor had remained absent from the drama that reached a resolution after 4 years of buildup.

Whether the verdict of June 1, 2022, was cathartic in giving a sense of closure to Johnny Depp is debatable, but at the very least, the years that were quick to judge and quick to redeem delivered a fatalistic blow to the reputation and esteem of the actor — an injury that one doubts he could heal from any time soon.

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