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‘How Good Is It Gonna Be?’: George R.R. Martin Reveals He’s Less Involved in House of the Dragon, Says He’s ‘Apprehensive’ About Game of Thrones Prequel

George R.R. Martin Reveals Hes Less Involved in House of the Dragon Says Hes ‘Apprehensive About Game of Thrones Prequel

HBO’s Game of Thrones mega-franchise is now ready set to debut its first TV spin-off, later this summer with the House of Dragons. This project will see the author of the books, on which the TV series is based. George R.R. Martin will take a step back from being the writer and serve in a more advisory role.

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House of the Dragon, a Game of Thrones Prequel
House of the Dragon, a Game of Thrones Prequel

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House of the Dragons:

George R.R. Martin will be overlooking House of the dragons
George R.R. Martin will be overlooking the House of the dragons

House of the Dragons will debut on 21st August 2022. This show will be showing the Targaryen civil war that took place nearly 300 years ago, before the Game of Thrones TV show. This series is one of the first spin-offs based on the IP and it is being manned by Miguel Sapochnik.

George R.R. Martin has been working on the latest book in the Song of Ice and Fire franchise. He will be overlooking the House of the Dragons from afar. This makes the author both nervous and excited.

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 George R.R. Martin’s views on working from far on House of Dragons:

House of Dragons
House of Dragons

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George R.R. Martin was asked about how he feels regarding this whole thing. To that he replied:

“I’m excited. It’s always a little apprehensive when you turn your baby over to foster parents, but I’m involved in this. It’s great to have Ryan, who’s a great writer, and someone who really knew my world. He’s gonna do his best to remain faithful to it. I knew Miguel Sapochnik was an amazing director. He’d won an Emmy, he’d done some of our best episodes. There’s always a little suspense to: How good is it gonna be? But I think I’m in good hands with Ryan and Miguel.

To this Miguel Sapochnik added:

“I feel incredibly loyal and responsible to the original show. I have a great kind of desire to even be in the same room as that show because it was a game changer. George and his writing was a huge influence on me. It’s an incredible feeling to achieve my dream job. You get that great call, which is the thing that every writer is hoping for, telling you, ‘We’re gonna go make this thing.’ And you’re happy for a few seconds and then you realize the responsibility that’s on your shoulders.”

It is a little difficult for someone to completely give up control of their own creation, but George R.R. Martin has been pretty graceful about it.

He is nervous which is kind of obvious but he says he is also excited to see what Miguel Sapochnik creates.

The House of the Dragon debuts on August 21, 2022 on HBO.

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Written by Kathakali Sarkar