How HBO Max Beat Netflix To Become One Of The Best Streaming Platforms

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Move over Netflix, we have a new king of streaming! HBO Max. Launched in 2020, HBO Max has steadily gained ground and is now giving Netflix and Disney+ a run for their money. While Netflix is contending with bad news after bad news, HBO’s streaming service is quietly edging ahead. The streaming wars are heating up and the best part is, that the consumers stand to benefit!


HBO Max is improving its game. The streaming service, which faced a few initial hiccups after its launch, is now firmly entrenched as one of the best streaming platforms in the market today. We take a closer look at what HBO’s streaming service does best. Which streaming platform do you prefer? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

The Library of HBO Max Puts Quality Over Quantity

how hbo max beat netflix
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HBO’s streaming service may not have the biggest media library among the major services, but what it does have is quality. It has Friends, Game of Thrones, The Wire, Sex and the City, and much more. Furthermore, it also has content produced by other brands belonging to WarnerMedia like TNT, TBS, and the Cartoon Network. It has loads of gems that make its library one of the best! And needless to say, Quality beats quantity when it comes to films and TV shows.


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HBO Max Has Amazing Original Content

how hbo max beat netflix
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The exclusive and original content on HBO’s service is absolutely top tier. Think, The Flight Attendant, Doom Patrol, Search Party, etc. HBO’s streaming service is the home of countless hours of great original content. These binge-worthy productions add yet more to what HBO has to offer.

Warner Bros. Major Studio Releases Are On HBO Max

how hbo max beat netflix
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If all this were not enough, last year, HBO Max released all of Warner Bros. films on the very same day they hit the cinema halls in the US. This was a game-changing move that brought lots of praise to the service. While the same may not be repeated this year, movies may still arrive at the streaming service early if reports are to be believed. The Batman has already arrived at the platform


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