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How J Jonah Jameson Went From Being Spider-Man’s Worst Enemy To His Secret Best Friend

The greatest enemy Spider-Man had ever faced is the one he actually cannot fight. J Jonah Jameson – Chief Editor of the Daily Bugle, is a powerful man. With the ability to influence thousands of New Yorkers, he abuses that power to spread hatred against Spider-Man. But he has finally come around. J Jonah Jameson started out as a Spider-Man hater but he then became one of his staunchest lowkey allies.

Here’s how it began.

He Became The Mayor & Used His Power To Brand Spider-Man A Threat To The City

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Running a smear campaign for decades via one of the most well-known newspapers was not enough. He knew he was failing to turn the public against Spider-Man. So Jameson did the next best thing. He ran for the office of Mayor of New York City. Because of his immense popularity, he won. When Spider-Man came to congratulate him, he laughed at him and told him he had the wall-crawler right where he wanted. The first thing he did was create a platoon of SWAT soldiers equipped with Anti-Spider-Man equipment.

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Became A Part Of The Parker Family After His Dad Married Aunt May

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J Jonah Jameson’s hatred for Spider-Man is immense. But his disdain for Peter Parker is not something to be taken lightly too. When his father finally came back after years of not being around, Jameson was not happy. He was even angrier when he found out his father was going to be married to Aunt May. That would make him related to Peter Parker. Despite his differences, Jameson came around and used his power as the Mayor to provide for a lavish wedding.

Her Wife Was Murdered While Trying To Save Him

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Alistair Smythe aka Spider-Slayer had a bone to pick with Jameson. He ambushed the guy and incapacitated Spider-Man. He would then almost manage to kill Jameson but the latter would be saved by Marla, his wife, who pushed him out of the way. Her dying words helped him see the light.

Started Trusting Spider-Man

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Jameson’s first public approval of Spider-Man was during the Superior Spider-Man run. Peter Parker’s mind was under the control of Doctor Octopus at the time. But Jameson did not know that. Both tried to blackmail each other. Jameson would later resign from his post as the Mayor.

Almost Started A Zombie Apocalypse

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Jameson would soon go back to journalism. Joining the Fact Channel, he started another smear campaign against Spider-Man. A clone of the original Jackal found Jameson and blackmailed him into releasing a virus through the channel’s broadcast that resurrected dead people. Spider-Man stopped not just the broadcast but also from making Jameson a mass murderer.

Found Out Spider-Man’s Identity In A Personal Interview

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Peter was searching for information on his sister Teresa. Jameson had that intel but he would only give it to him if Spider-Man agreed to a one on one interview. Jameson and Spider-Man started the interview on a lighter note until things got real dark and serious. Peter later unmasked to show his face after realizing Jameson and him aren’t that different after all.

Revealed Spider-Man’s Identity To The Green Goblin

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The Green Goblin kidnapped Jameson after the villain realized the latter knew about his secret identity. Jameson accidentally spilled the beans, mentioning Gwen Stacy while lashing out at Norman Osborn for kidnapping him. The Green Goblin, now equipped with this new information, attacked and killed Flash Thompson.


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Peter Parker met Jameson at the funeral and said that he forgave him for everything he has ever done to him.

Realized How Much Damage He Has Done When A Former Coworker’s Son Almost Killed Spider-Man

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The son of the villain known as Big Man, a guy who once worked for the Daily Bugle, came to Jameson to hatch up a plan to kill Spider-Man. Years ago, it was Jameson who made the young boy think it was Spider-Man’s fault Big Man died. After seeing a bloodied Peter Parker nearly lose his life, he realized the years of harassment were his Frankenstein’s Monster he could never run away from.

Helped Spider-Man Fight Morlun

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The dimension hopping villain fed on Spider-Totems – beings with Spider powers spread across the Multi-Verse. When Morlun attacked, Spider-Man asked Jameson to head over to his apartment and activate a special watch that could call in reinforcements. Despite the watch being destroyed, Jameson did buy some time by calling in cops to stop Morlun.

Got Infected By The Carnage Symbiote & Tried Killing Miles Morales

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During the event of Absolute Carnage, Jameson ends up being possessed by the Carnage symbiote that had previously taken over Miles Morales. Jameson, as Carnage, goes on a rampage across the city, trying to get to Miles and kill him. Miles Morales manages to use electricity to separate the symbiote from his body. Jameson gets first hand experience of how difficult it is to be a superhero.

All’s Well That Ends Well

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In the end, Jameson ended up joining a click-bait website and writing articles to clear Spider-Man’s name. it won’t absolve him of his wrongdoings but it was a start nonetheless. J Jonah Jameson became Spider-Ma’s closest ally.

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