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How Serious is Hugh Jackman’s Skin Cancer: All You Need to Know About Wolverine Star’s Health Problem

How Serious is Hugh Jackman's Skin Cancer: All You Need to Know About Wolverine Star's Health Problem

Hugh Jackman, the famous Wolverine star, has revealed that he is undergoing additional skin cancer screenings after a recent medical examination. With a bandaged nose, the actor took to his social media and urged his fans to undergo medical checkups and follow sun safety measures.

Hugh Jackman in the still from his reel on Instagram
Hugh Jackman in a still from his reel on Instagram

The 54-year-old actor expects to get the results of his assessments soon. Jackman’s first cancer was removed in 2013, and he has endured at least six procedures since then.

Hugh Jackman Shares Update On His Recent Cancer Scare

In a video posted on his social media, the actor revealed that his doctors found “little things which could be, or could not be basal cell [carcinomas].

Basal cell carcinoma is a non-melanoma skin cancer with a very low chance of spreading. According to the NHS, treating such cancers is successful in 90% of the cases. However, Hugh Jackman wants his ordeal to remind people to practice sun protection measures.

“Please wear sunscreen, it is just not worth it, no matter how much you want a tan. Trust me!” he said.

Hugh Jackman reassured his fans while emphasizing that basal cell carcinomas are the “least harmful” type of cancer.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

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Hugh Jackman’s History Of Skin Cancer

During an interview with People magazine in 2015, Jackman said that his skin cancer diagnosis surprised him, the actor shared in his interview:

“It’s always a bit of a shock just hearing the word ‘cancer’,” he said. “Being an Australian, it’s a very common thing. I never wore sunscreen growing up so I was a prime candidate for it.”

In 2013, Jackman revealed to his fans that he took treatment for the excision of malignant tissue from his nose. However, his basal cell carcinoma returned twice the next year and several times after that.

Hugh jackman
Hugh Jackman

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Jackman Getting In Shape For Deadpool 3

Although Jackman’s health issue could be concerning for his upcoming film Deadpool 3, he has assured his fans about his health. Speaking of his involvement in Deadpool 3, he constantly updates his supporters through his social media handles. Going by his social media updates, it seems there is no cause for his fans to be anxious about the movie’s development.

Jackman recently shared a video showing him deadlifting in a regulated setting. Many fans lauded the video for his dedication and commitment to undergoing demanding training despite his age. However, not everyone seemed impressed by his current physique, as it didn’t match up with his impressive form in previous roles.

Hugh Jackman
Australian actor Hugh JackmanSpeaking of Deadpool 3

Fans can expect some high-octane action sequences, as the movie will have Logan’s power fused with Deadpool’s quick-witted antics. Rumors suggest that Deadpool will embark on an interdimensional journey, but nothing can be said for sure now.

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