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How Seth Rogen Is Living His Best Life On Lockdown

Seth Rogen is undoubtedly having a blast during the quarantine. The actor himself admitted to the fact that he is indeed enjoying himself a lot during this period, Definitely, this is a surprising thing to say considering the vast majority of people have found it difficult to adjust to the situation. The Superbad star featured on Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he stated that he was a perfect fit for the ongoing situation. 

How Rogen passes his time

How Rogen passes his time
Seth Rogen has had no trouble adjusting to the self-isolation period

Speaking to Kimmel on his talk show, Seth Rogen joked that he had been self-isolating since 2009. Along with that, he admitted having no problems being shut inside his own house. The actor said that he been passing the time by smoking an insane amount of marijuana. Rogen sported a shaggy look with messed up hair in the interview.

The actor on his new hobby

The actor on his new hobby
Seth Rogen appeared in the 2019 movie Long Shot alongside Charlize Theron

Rogen remarked that he was quite thankful that marijuana had been declared as an essential item. Since it would have been challenging for him to survive this period of boredom without it. He also stated that he had taken up the hobby of pottery alongside his wife. Moreover, he expressed his delight at the fact that they found a place delivering clay at this time.  Without a doubt, Rogan is finding it easy to survive at home with a newfound hobby. 

Kimmel pranked by Rogen on his show

Kimmel pranked by Rogen on his show
The actor pranked Kimmel via a prerecorded message

Uniquely, Rogen started the interview on Kimmel’s show hilariously by displaying a prerecorded video message. Subsequently, he then appeared himself and told Kimmel that this was a prank that he had been pulling on a lot of people these days. He defined it as being very productive and joked that this was a way of saving his time. Clearly, Rogen certainly is a funny man off the screen as well!

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Source: Hollywood Reporter, Huffington Post

Written by Neal Johnson

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