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“How the hell could you do this?”: Tom Cruise ‘Sanitized’ S*xual Content in ‘Interview With the Vampire’ To Protect His Clean-Cut Family Man Image

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Everyone who is a big fan of action films will know the name of Tom Cruise as an actor who you can trust with your kids when they watch his films. Being known as a star of the masses, he has rarely delved into any roles that require him to go off-rails into the dark side of storytelling. And even when he has, it has been just enough to dip his toes in it. Doing most action sequences on his own for the majority of his career is thrilling enough.

Tom Cruise was also rumored to play Iron Man.
Tom Cruise

But this one time, Cruise was part of a project that demanded him to become a literal creature of the night and act as a supreme overlord of evil. This challenge was during the time when he was cast as Lestat in Anne Rice’s silver-screen adaptation of her novel Interview With The Vampire. Although he was supposed to become this vile thing that did some really explicit things to a lot of people, it was all ironed out because he wanted to keep his image as a family guy.

Tom Cruise Had All His S*xual Content “Sanitized” From Interview With The Vampire

Tom Cruise FandomWire
Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in Interview with the Vampire

It’s hard to imagine Tom Cruise of all people acting in a film that needs him to bring out that charmer within and indulge in se*ual scenes in the film. But believe it or not, The Mission Impossible star had done some in the past, most notably, in 1986’s Top Gun with Kelly McGills. Though it wasn’t something too explicit, it wasn’t a peck on the cheek either. Ever since then, he has always tried sure to keep clean from scenes like those.

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Fast forward to 1994, when he was selected as the lead antagonist for Neil Jordan’s adaptation of Anne Rice’s 1976 novel. In Interview With The Vampire, Cruise was supposed to play the character of an immortal maniacal vampire Lestat who torments Louis, another vampire that he turned, in every way possible, and naturally, is also expressive about his s*xual endeavors as has been depicted many times before in many other vampire storylines.

But as we all know, he has a clean-cut image with the public, which was also one of the biggest selling points for his films. So in order to maintain that image, Cruise had to pull some strings with Warner Bros. to iron out any overly *sexual content into a moderate one. This was when the creator and screenwriter of the project Anne Rice became furious, accusing the production of doing her wrong. Sources say:

“Rice has been cursing Cruise for butchering her script, sanitizing the sexual content to accommodate his clean-cut image, and perpetuating the worst crime in the name of casting since The Bonfire of the Vanities, Rice also apparently shouted to her faithful followers, “I wanted to call David Geffen and say, ‘How the hell could you do this?’”

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 What Is Interview With The Vampire?

Interview With The Vampire Series In The Works At AMC
Interview With the Vampire

The film is centered around Louis played by Brad Pitt, who was turned into a vampire by another called Lestat. While Lestat is a complete creature of the night with animalistic urges and bloodthirst, Louis still somehow acquired his human emotions after being turned into a vampire. this pisses Lestat to high heavens and he, in response, turns a girl into a vampire as well to torment her instead. But she kills Lestat and both her and Louis manage to find an interviewer that Louis recites his story.

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Interview With the Vampire, now streaming on Netflix

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