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“How time flies”: Grant Gustin Shares Selfie of Putting The Flash Costume For the Last Time, Leaves Fans Devastated Ahead of Final Season Premiere

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The announcement of The Flash being cancelled after its ninth season will air, fans throughout social media have stepped up to extend their gratitude towards the show, Grant Gustin and how the last eight seasons have been a joyful ride for them. The cast themselves addressed their own love for the show and how far they have come from when it began and where it stands now.

Grant Gustin in CW series The Flash

The show ran its course of eight seasons with its ninth and final season on the way. The introduction of the character of Barry Allen first took place in Arrow’s second season and showrunners had made it very clear that if the first season of The Flash, or the pilot itself were not to work out, then the character would become a part of Oliver Queen’s team.

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The Flash Broke Records For The CW

The CW is known for its long running shows such as Supernatural, which ended in 2020 after a total of 15 seasons. The publicity gained by the show was nothing compared to what the first season of The Flash had received.

CW's The Flash
Granst Gustin as CW’s Flash

The show follows CSI Agent Barry Allen in Central City after he gets struck by lightening and is then reborn as The Flash. Gaining super speed, Barry receives the title of ‘The Fastest Man Alive.’ The series then focuses on his journey as he defeats foes throughout the city and fights against his returning nemesis.

The ratings the show had brought to the CW were nothing like they had ever seen. Grant Gustin‘s portrayal of The Scarlet Speedster soon became the best representation of The Flash and the Glee actor was no more a normal CSI Agent, but one with an alternate life.

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Grant Gustin Leads To Fans Being Nostalgic

After the news of The Flash being cancelled, Grant Gustin expressed his own sadness and then gifted the fans with a photo of the very first time he dressed up as the iconic Barry Allen. Along with it he also posted a photo of him in his current Flash suit and oh did the fans react with love.

The Flash cast
The Flash with ‘Team Flash’ in the CW show

Seeing a character who grew so much and to see the actor grow with him, fans were in awe of how the time that passed seemed so small at first. Looking back now, Barry Allen was just a scientist learning how to use his powers, now however, he is not only the leader of his own team of superheroes, but so much more.

With the fans cherishing Gustin’s own growth, they admired how ageless he looks, like not a single day has passed. The looks of only nine years turning into the story of a lifetime. The role of Barry Allen changed Grant Gustin’s life and with it, ours as well.

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