How to Make Money in Cyberpunk 2077 & Phantom Liberty

Struggling to get those eddies to buy the latest Cyberware?


Cyberpunk 2077 is a huge open-world video game that requires a lot of time and in-game currency to make the most of and get the best items. Add to that the recent Phantom Liberty expansion, and that becomes even more the case.

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Whether it be early on or in the endgame, you’ll always need some cash (called Eurodollars, or eddies, for short), and you can take advantage of the points in this guide to become the richest choom in Night City.


How to Make Money – Complete Those Crimes

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It might seem odd considering V themselves is a criminal – of epic proportions -, but throughout the map of Night City there is a seemingly endless amount of crimes going on, that if you so wish, you can put a stop to. Titled NCPD Scanner Hustles, there are three different types of crimes to complete.

  • Suspected Organized Crime Activity – The easiest and simplest of the crimes, you need to neutralize – murder – the criminals in the area.
  • Assault in Progress – This can be completed in a run-and-gun approach or a stealth approach. Kill everyone and steal the loot, or steal the loot without being unnoticed. The choice is yours.
  • Reported Crime – Similar to the above, except you have to neutralize the criminals and recover the stolen loot.

With a wide variety on offer, the basics of the crimes are essentially to murder everyone perpetrating them, but they can and usually are a multi-part endeavor, with some big rewards at the end.

In the open world of Night City, it won’t take long for you to find these crimes, and between the XP given for completing it, which raises your level, to the extra goods, weapons, and cyberware obtained from the killed enemies, you’ll find them worthwhile completing.


How to Make Money – Sell! Sell! Sell!

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You will come across A LOT of loot in your time in Night City and Dogtown, and whilst you certainly need to keep higher-level weapons as you progress, you should take advantage of the regularity of which you’ll find new weapons, by selling as many as you can. You’ll also find a lot of junk, which can be worth a considerable amount of eddies, but is largely useless… so get rid!


As you progress through the story the loot you come across will increase in value, so the choice to keep, sell, or even disassemble will become harder, but again, as you progress, the purchases you can make get far better. Sell your cars, sell your guns, sell your junk, and sell your soul for some of those eddies.

Note: If you happen to buy the ‘Scrapper’ perk, any junk you pick up from then on will be automatically disassembled. Very useful for later upgrades, less so for making money. DO NOT buy this perk early on.


How to Make Money – Quickhack Everything

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Throughout your time in Nighty City and Dogtown whilst playing Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty, you will be overwhelmed with opportunities to quickhack. From installing viruses in enemies to distractions in the environment, computers in offices, and Access Points throughout, there is always something or someone to hack. For the purposes of this guide though, the important one is the Access Points.


A puzzle of sorts, you’ll have to work a route through the numbers to ‘unlock’ the item in question. There are three sequences that if completed will allow a level of rewards. If you go for the highest tier, you’ll end up with the most eddies, some components (which you can use to craft or sell), and more. Added to this, if you take the time to plan your route and choices, you can grab all three tiers, more often than not.

As you progress throughout the game, perks will allow for additional rewards to be garnered from the quickhacking, so there’s never a point where you shouldn’t bother.


How to Make Money – Complete Gigs, Side Missions, and Progress the Story

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As with any game, sometimes the easiest way to make money is just to play through the story. Completing jobs for fixers will often grant massive rewards to you, the player, in the form of eddies, components, and more. As well as that, you’ll undoubtedly be sent to a new area that will potentially have exclusive loot, but at the very least allow for a quickhacking opportunity or two.


As well as the main story, you’ll have the opportunity to complete a wide variety of other missions, which vary in length and reward:

  • Side Missions – These are longer missions than the others mentioned here, and some have a direct effect on the main story too. From new companions to unique endings, the side missions are well worth doing for more than just monetary reasons and are a large part of what makes Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty feel lived in.
  • Gigs – Shorter missions, similar to the NCPD Scanner Hustles
    • Gun for Hire – Locate and assassinate a specific target. Usually carrying a decent amount of loot and some valuable weapons too.
    • Search & Recover – In the name. Find an item, recover it. Of course, there are locked doors and a small army of enemies to make it more difficult though.
    • Agent Saboteur – From uploading viruses to destroying labs, this will feel most like the Phantom Liberty expansion.
    • SOS: Merc Needed – You’ll be tasked with locating and rescuing an individual, usually kidnapped or having gotten themselves into trouble.
    • Thievery – Self explanatory here. Steal a specific, requested item.
    • Special Delivery – There are not many of these, but these are more fetch and retrieve quests, with you delivering an item to someone.
  • Rides – You’ll be regularly tasked with finding and delivering a specific car, which as you progress through these missions, will return greater rewards both in terms of eddies, but also unlockable vehicles and components to sell.
  • Cyberpsycho Sightings – Cyberpsychos are individuals who have implanted too much cyberware within themselves, succumbing to cyberpsychosis. This is a pretty prevalent part of the world of Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty, so won’t need much introduction. Whilst these are little more than assassination contracts, all-in-all, there is a story to follow, and the individuals in question are significantly more difficult than the average people you’ll encounter, and that’s largely down to the cyberware they have. Each individual is different and will cause different headaches compared to the next, but each is worth doing, with huge amounts of rewards on offer for taking them down.

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