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How WandaVision Episode 5 Links With Tony Stark

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Marvel just keeps reminding us why the MCU is the biggest and the best movie franchise in the industry. Now, they’ve officially expanded into the TV arena and the fans are absolutely loving WandaVision. It has begun Phase 4 with a bang. And besides the new mystery that the show continues to build, viewers are loving all the Easter Eggs and references to the past. After the eye-opening fourth episode, we’ve been stunned once again with the fifth episode. It revealed how Wanda got her hands-on Vision’s body. But surprisingly, we also got a subtle link to Tony Stark in the new episode.

Spoilers for WandaVision episode 5 follow. You’ve been warned.

WandaVision Episode 4 Monica Rambeau

Till now, all the drones that SWORD sent into Wanda’s bubble were warped into other items that fit Westview’s era at the given time. Monica Rambeau sent SWORD’s imaging drone past Westview’s barrier, and it was reanimated into a toy helicopter of the 60s. Then Monica was pulled into this pocket reality, and her outfit changed according to the eras that Wanda and Vision’s sitcom explored. Before being tossed out of Westview, Geraldine / Monica was wearing this blue and white 70s era outfit. And even after Wanda launched her out of the bubble, her clothes did not revert back to the outfit she was wearing when she entered.


Monica further tested this theory of Wanda’s reality-warping abilities by shooting at her 70s era clothes. And she figured out that even though the clothes looked and felt different, their design was changed upon her original Kevlar infused outfit. So, Monica had this idea of sending something that would fit the current era of Westview. SWORD arranged an 80s era drone that belonged to Stark Industries. This drone was not only able to go through Wanda’s energy barrier, but it also provided visuals outside the barrier. Ultimately, director Hayward tried to incapacitate Wanda, but she shot the drone down and hand-delivered it to SWORD along with a warning.

stark industries drone

But anyway, this Stark Industries drone makes us realize that Tony Stark was probably aiding SWORD during the 5 years after the blip. Or because even Monica knew about the Stark Industries 80s era technology off the top of her head, there’s a chance that Tony was aiding SWORD even before the snap. This is certainly a possibility. And thanks to the Stark Industries Easter Egg, we were able to make out the connection between Tony Stark and SWORD.

There were several other references in WandaVision Episode 5. Watch the episode closely and I’m sure that you’ll find some more details.


Written by Vansh Mehra

Just wanna share my passion for cinema with everyone.