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“How your mother held you over this cliff”: Kevin Hart Got No Chills As He Did Not Hesitate Calling Out Dwayne Johnson For His “Lies” Over His Heritage

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Kevin Hart, the fan-favorite comedian, and actor is well known for his sense of humor which has never failed to bring a smile to an audience’s face. Hart has starred in numerous shows and movies but began his career as a standup comedian. The Ride Along star while promoting his action-comedy movie Jumanji: The Next Level, was hard hit by knowing the actual place of birth of Dwayne Johnson.

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Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart Believed Dwayne Johnson was Born In Hawaii

The Rock and Kevin Hart duo is well acclaimed by the audience, as the duo shares a sweet cherished bond filled with deep understanding. That is one of the primary reasons the duo has never hesitated in making fun of each other on camera. The duo first came together to shoot their 2016 film, Central Intelligence and was adored by the audience ever since. The duo came together and starred in numerous projects including the Jumanji series and during the promotion of 2019 Jumanji: The Next Level on The Graham Norton Show, the two stars proved once again why their duo is the best.

During the interview, the host and The Rock were discussing Dwayne Johnson‘s connection to the tropical paradise island, Johnson went ahead to clarify by saying that he was born in San Francisco but did a lot of growing up in Hawaii. The fact that Johnson was not born in Hawaii shocked The Upside star who had misunderstood that the Black Adam star was born in Hawaii. 

Kevin Hart jokes about The Rock's birth place
Kevin Hart jokes about The Rock’s birth place

Kevin Hart continued by saying that he was misguided by the Baywatch star, who took the lead to educate his co-stars about the beautiful paradise, once they landed in Hawaii for their movie shoot. Witnessing Johnson’s knowledge about Hawaii, Hart presumed the fact that The Rock was born in Hawaii, but his misunderstanding was clarified on the show.

“I thought you were born there. You told me. I could’ve sworn you said. While we were there, you gave me a big speech, “This is my land”… I could have sworn he told me! Now all of a sudden San Fran, there was a San Fran then I transferred. While we were there you gave me a very spiritual speech about how it all started, about how your mother held you over that cliff — ‘This is the cliff where I was born, where my mother gave birth to me’.”

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Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson
Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson

Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson’s Comedic Duo

While Hart continued keeping his claim that Johnson told him he was born there. One can easily notice the Black Adam star helplessly making his stance clear that he never said that and can’t recall anything like that. While the duo continues to bicker with each other the show’s host and audience are laughing their soul out. Johnson who carried forward the argument said, “This is the problem, yes, I try to be respectful.” The statement attracted even more laughter. When the conversation carried forth while discussing the experience of outdoor shooting, Hart went on to his comedian mode to share the song sung by The Rock for his spiritual ground.

“I didn’t like it at all. Outside of the spiritual grounds that [The Rock] took me to, and I remember he even sang a song, I specifically remember. We’ll talk about it later.”

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The Rock and Kevin Hart at the premiere of Jumanji: The Next Level
The Rock and Kevin Hart at the premiere of Jumanji: The Next Level

The duo went ahead to make jokes on Hart’s imaginary Hawaii song. The instance clearly reflected the strong bond shared by both the stars who have starred in multiple projects together. Despite their multiple on-screen appearances, fans wish to see the duo more often. Fans can enjoy the duo’s humorous appearance on Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and its sequel, Jumanji: The Next Level which is available for streaming on streaming platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Source: The Graham Norton Show

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