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‘How’s Snyder Responsible for Ezra Miller’s Antics?’: DC Fans Shocked as Rabid Trolls Target Zack Snyder, Hold Him Accountable for The Flash Movie Being in Dire Straits

DCEU has been receiving quite a lot of backlash after rumors regarding The Flash movie featuring Ezra Miller made rounds on the internet. And now haters have taken it upon themselves to drag Zack Snyder into this mess. The upcoming film was set to feature Michael Keaton’s Batman as well which was expected to act as a soft reboot for the DCEU, but after new cases showed up surrounding the Ezra Miller controversy the release of the film stays in doubt.

Zack Snyder gets trolled on Twitter
Zack Snyder gets trolled on Twitter

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Previously, after learning Zack Snyder’s films were being removed from the continuity of their future interconnected DCEU movies, fans have been very upset. Since then, he has been receiving backlash from the haters.

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Zack Snyder Comes Under Hate Attacks on Twitter

The Flash, Ezra Miller
The Flash, Ezra Miller

It seems like The Flash is bumping on more and more problems. It is one of the long-in-development projects which seemed to have finally reached the finish line, with a June 2023 release date. But that is not the end, Ezra Miller was arrested again for their horrible deeds involving harassment, and things got worse once again.


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To no surprise, the rumors created a shocking turn amongst the fans who went on social media and now expressing their surprise with the targeted tweets about Zack Snyder. People are voicing their displeasure and many tweets also included the hashtag “DCEU is Dead,” which added an extra punch to the rumors trend on Twitter.

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Zack Snyder Trends on Twitter After Ezra Miller but Is That a Good Thing?

Zack Snyder trends on Twitter due to hate trolls
Zack Snyder trends on Twitter due to hate trolls

Zack Snyder used to be the carrier of the future of DC superhero films, but now surrounding the ongoing circumstances things had changed. And greenlighting films based on fan campaigns is not a good option to avoid problems. It may sound a bit democratic but in reality, the power is not with the people or loud rally of fans willing to spew hatred.

Some fans are innocently using the hashtag in hopes of getting a better settlement, but a toxic wave has spammed, including producers and critics with angry comments and threats. For the fans who attempt dumb tactics to get what they want, DC must have set a backup plan.

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The Flash is slated to release on 23 June 2023.


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