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Hugh Grant Turned Down $6 Million Offer to Replace Charlie Sheen Because He Didn’t Have Faith in Two and a Half Men Creators

Hugh Grant Turned Down $6 Million Offer to Replace Charlie Sheen Because He Didn't Have Faith in Two and a Half Men Creators

The American sitcom Two and a Half Men ran for 12 years before shutting down for good in 2015. Hugh Grant, a notable actor from the early 2000s was also called in to replace one of the leads of the series who had a problem with the creator Chuck Lorre.

The notable actor Charlie Sheen had a problem with creator Chuck Lorre of Two and a Half Men. Hugh Grant in return turned down a potential $6 million role because he apparently did not have enough faith in the creators of the American sitcom.

A still from Two and a Half Men.
A still from Two and a Half Men.

Hugh Grant Turned Down Millions To Replace Charlie Sheen

Having portrayed the character of Charlie Harper in the American sitcom for several years Charlie Sheen had a falling out with the creator of the series Chuck Lorre. After a fallout, the creators of the show started looking for a replacement.

Hugh Grant.
Hugh Grant.

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The show creators were so out of options that they approached various actors including Charlie Sheen but they had no script or characters planned out for the replacement. This was one of the reasons that notable actor Hugh Grant turned down the role even though he would have made a whopping $6 million during a four-season runtime.

“They talked to me about [a role in Two and a Half Men], but the problem was they didn’t have a script or a new character. They just said, ‘Trust us. We’ll create one. I said, ‘Well, it’s very difficult for me to consider this without a script.’ And they said, ‘Trust us! Trust us!’”

The actor clarified that although he loved the creator enough that he loved Chuck Lorre‘s series but did not trust them enough to sign on without a script.

“I said, ‘Well, you’re obviously brilliantly talented.’ Because I like that show! And they make brilliant TV shows, really. But I said, ‘I’m too scared to sign up without a script.”

The role later went on to Ashton Kutcher who later went on to portray the character of Walden Schmidt.

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Hugh Grant Was Rude To The Chit-Chat At The Oscars 2023

Hugh Grant was rude at the Oscars 2023.
Hugh Grant was rude at the Oscars in 2023.

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Hugh Grant being a veteran actor recently sat down for a little bit of chit-chat at the Oscars 2023. The Notting Hill actor was allegedly rude to the host and the people had mixed reviews. Several people felt that the actor was being deadpan and hilarious while some thought that he was just being plain rude.

When asked who does he hope to see winning the Oscars, the actor replied “no one in particular”. The host further tried to talk with Hugh Grant about the suit that he was wearing. Grant simply replied that he cannot remember who made his suit but persisted that “I can’t remember. My tailor”. The people had a mixed reaction to these statements since many people thought that Grant was being hilarious with a deadpan comedy while others thought him out to be plain rude.

Two and a Half Men is currently available to stream on Peacock Premium.

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