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Hugh Jackman Gets Brutally Honest About His Favourite Superhero Movies as He Forgets to Mention His Iconic X-Men Movies 

Hugh Jackman shares his favorite superhero movies of all time.

Hugh Jackman has played multiple characters throughout his career. But one of the most iconic characters he played is Wolverine in the X-Men franchise. After Jackman with Ran Reynolds revealed that he would be making his comeback in Deadpool 3, fans have been excitedly waiting to see him as Wolverine. Not just fans but the actor himself loved portraying the character onscreen. However, the Australian actor has something else to say when it comes to his favorite superhero movie. 

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman

In his recent interview with Variety, the X-Men actor talked about his favorite superhero movies growing up. He also shared how he feels about his friend and co-star Ryan Reynolds. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman will make their MCU debut with Deadpool 3.

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Hugh Jackman Shares His Favorite Superhero Movie

In his recent interview with Variety, the Prisoners star shared his favorite superhero movies. When he was asked about his favorite superhero movie, he thought for a moment and said, “Growing up, first Superman.” Hugh Jackman further said that Richard Donner’s 1978 film that featured Christopher Reeve as Superman was one of his favorite superhero movies. 

The Wolverine star further mentioned Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight as his other favorite superhero movie. He said, “I’m gonna say, I’m thinking one of the Nolan Batmans. Dark Knight.” 

Batman and Superman
Batman and Superman

There is no doubt that he has great taste when it comes to superhero movies. 1978 Superman was one of the best superhero movies made at the time, and people loved it. Similarly, Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight is still one of the best superhero and Batman movies. 

Fans loved Christian Bale’s Batman, and Heath Ledger’s Joker is still considered the best portrayal of the character. However, Jackman, who has been an X-Men for so long, had nothing to say about X-Men movies. 

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Hugh Jackman Advises Ryan Reynolds to Change His Name  

In his recent interview, the Real Steel star was asked to fill up a sentence referring to the Deadpool star. The sentence said, “Ryan Reynolds is ……” Thinking of a word to describe Reynolds, Hugh Jackman says, “Ryan Reynolds takes up so much air in the room, it’s crazy.”

He further said he could give more as he’s got a whole store of them. Going on with it, The Son actor stammered as he said Ryan Reynolds‘ name.

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman hilariously announce the return of Wolverine
Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman

Jackman then said, “I can’t even say the guy’s name.” He continued stammering and once again mispronounced his name. After struggling with the Deadpool star’s name, Jackman ends up suggesting that he should change his name. Hugh Jackman is making his MCU debut with Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 3, which will release on 8 November 2024.

Other than Deadpool 3, Hugh Jackman is also starring in Hulu’s original animated series, Koala Man. Koala Man will premiere on 1 January 2023 on Hulu.

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