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Hugh Jackman Hints Return of Classic Wolverine in Latest Instagram Post After Disappointing Fox-Verse Run

Hugh Jackman Hints Return of Classic Wolverine in Latest Instagram Post After Disappointing Fox-Verse Run

With Deadpool 3’s shooting probably underway, the fans simply cannot get enough. Hugh Jackman’s return as the adamantium-filled cut-throat machine has the people riled up. Since he will be sharing the screen with Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool, the movie will indeed be fun.

Fans know that Wolverine’s original costume in the comics is a mix of yellow and blue. Well, that concept is what Hugh Jackman teased on his Instagram post that has people anticipating some good news. Deadpool 3 marks the official entry of Wolverine into the MCU and nothing would be better than a comic-accurate costume to match along with the iconic actor.

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynold's upcoming Deadpool 3 will be a fun-fest.
Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynold’s upcoming Deadpool 3 will be a fun-fest.

Hugh Jackman To Wear The Iconic Wolverine Suit?

Donning a yellow and blue suit, Wolverine wreaked havoc in the comics and also teamed up with Deadpool. The comedic duo was also featured in the 2013 game Deadpool. With Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s upcoming movie on the horizon, Jackman hinted at donning the iconic costume before any official statements were made (or set photos leaked).

A screenshot of Hugh Jackman's Instagram story.
A screenshot of Hugh Jackman’s Instagram story.

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Taking to his Instagram, Hugh Jackman posted a photo of a helmet that was a part of the above-mentioned costume. The image was a concept art created by BossLogic and Jackman felt like posting it. Fans have assumed that The Greatest Showman actor is actually teasing his costume and would be much delighted if it actually becomes true.

The image had the words “By @bosslogic” captioned on it and made people wonder about the importance or relevance of his Instagram story. Many people assumed that Hugh Jackman will indeed wear the iconic costume but nothing cannot be said as of yet.

Considering that Ryan Reynolds has heavy involvement in the movie, people would be pretty glad if the Red Notice actor could recreate an iconic scene from the Deadpool game. The scene involves an unconscious Wolverine being slapped by Wade Wilson until he wakes up from his slumber.

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Will Hugh Jackman Recreate An Iconic Scene From Deadpool Game?

A screenshot of Deadpool slapping Wolverine in Deadpool (game).
A screenshot of Deadpool slapping Wolverine in Deadpool (game).

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While straddling an unconscious Wolverine, the game allows the players to try to wake up Wolverine from his slumber by slapping him. The slaps go on as Wade Wilson continues to hurl out obscenities at Logan. In the end, the slaps stop and Deadpool is on his own to fight the bad guys.

The scene has been one of the iconic moments from the game, Deadpool (2013) and would be received extremely well if Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds allow it. Considering it is Ryan Reynolds we are talking about, the above-mentioned moment could become a reality. To top it off, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have been great pals for a long time and they would surely get to banter and insult each other during the run of the movie.

With the people hyping up ever more and Marvel ready to launch its Phase 5, Deadpool 3 has been slated for a release date of 8th November 2024 in theaters in the U.S.

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