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Hugh Jackman Reportedly Acting as Bait For Deadpool 3 to Introduce MCU’s Real X-Men as Marvel Plans More Red Herrings Like Evan Peters’ Quicksilver

Evan Peters’ Quicksilver deadpool 3

Among all Phase 5 and Phase 6 movies, Deadpool 3 is arguably the most anticipated project besides the next two Avengers films. It is a No Way Home level crossover event that could ensure another Billion Dollar outing for the MCU and it will be a first for an R-Rated Marvel movie. That’s because it is bringing Hugh Jackman back as Wolverine in order to team up (& fight) with Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool. But what if this is a ploy to introduce the real X-Men into the MCU?

Wolverine Deadpool 3
Wolverine Deadpool 3

Marvel has been bringing Fox’s X-Men actors into the MCU using different ideas. Evan Peters’ Quicksilver acted as a red herring as he was just turned into a mere “Bohner” joke. Patrick Stewart’s Professor X came in only to get his neck snapped. So, should we be worried about Wolverine as well? Hugh Jackman said time and time again that unless it’s the MCU, Logan was his last outing as Wolverine. And now he himself called Reynolds to return. Ideally, you’d think that he’d come back in Deadpool 3 and stay until Avengers: Secret Wars. And, Marvel would give us something badass involving Wolverine and Deadpool together. But a new rumor suggests that characters like Jackman’s Wolverine are just acting as bait to introduce the real X-Men of the MCU in a very different way.

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The Introduction of New X-Men

X-Men Mutants
X-Men Mutants

A new rumor from insider That Park Place suggests that Disney allegedly plans to race-swap several X-Men characters. Their goal is to reduce the number of Caucasian characters in the superhero team. And all the Fox X-Men characters being used in the MCU are being called “better bait,” as Disney is sort of pretending to hear fans out, but they’re practically doing what they actually want!

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Here’s what the scoop suggests:

“The Fox actors are considered « top notch bait ». At first glance, this « better bait », when it rolls out will likely be FALSELY interpreted by some fans as Disney « listening to the fans ». It’s not. It’s a cynical money play, which also has a component to shut up those manufacturing licensed products (« see, see, we gave you a white male hero for a few minutes, so what are you complaining about? »).”

This rumor obviously needs to be taken with a grain of salt, but MCU’s casting trend does seem to be along these lines.

Race-Swapped Mutants?

Keke Palmer as Rogue
Keke Palmer as Rogue

We’ve been seeing more diverse and gender-swapped characters since late Phase 3 and throughout Phase 4. Even Eternals had 3 gender-swapped characters, and 5 of the 6 legacy characters of the OG Avengers have been females. Apart from that, we’ve had Black Panther turning into a female much sooner than anticipated. All in all, a lot of female leads have suddenly come into the mix at once alongside other diverse characters. So, we should expect the same with the X-Men where Disney would have a bigger chance of representation by adding in some diverse race-swapped, gender-swapped, and LGBTQ mutants.

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It’s obvious that Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine isn’t going to stay for long. He is supposed to pass the baton to a new guy, but let’s just hope that Marvel will do justice to him just like they did with Garfield and Maguire.

Source: That Park Place

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