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Hugh Jackman Revealed He Would Like Wolverine To Get His Memory Back ‘As long as any memory of Deadpool can be erased’

Hugh Jackman doesn't want Wolverine to remember Deadpool

Recently, Ryan Reynolds dropped a bomb on Marvel fans announcing the return of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine for the new Deadpool movie making fans everywhere jump out of their seats. After an over-dive of rumors, it was finally confirmed that Logan is coming back out of retirement. 

deadpool 3
Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman announce Wolverine’s return

However, Hugh Jackman had made it pretty clear in the interviews following his retirement that he had no plans of reprising his role as Wolverine. It’s still unknown what made him return. 

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Was Ryan Reynolds Behind The Wolverine’s Return?

Ryan Reynolds
Actor Ryan Reynolds

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Since Hugh Jackman was unwilling to put the claws back on, until last year, the reason behind his return is a mystery. During a 2021 interview with Jake Hamilton on Jake’s Takes, the actor talks about his role in Reminiscence. When asked which character of his would he like to use the memory-reviving device on, Jackman instantly replied with “Wolverine.” The actor further says that as long as there is a way for any memory of Deadpool can be erased, Wolverine would be good to go and use the machine.

“I think Wolverine. I think he would be terrified to use a machine but a character that has no memory of his past would want to find out a few certain details. I think that character would want to get back more than any other. But he would need someone very skilled to take it through it, as long as any memory of Deadpool can be erased.”

Fans are speculating whether Ryan Reynolds and his friendship with Jackman was the reason behind Wolverine’s return. 

Further in the same interview when Jake Hamilton asked the X-men actor about what he is planning to do with Wolverine, especially since the Multiverse had become a reality. Hugh Jackman made it very clear that Wolverine would not return. He asked the host to tell that to everyone, especially Ryan Reynolds.

Tell that to whoever you want. Please tell it to Ryan Reynolds. Because he does not believe anything, he thinks I am joking.”

This could very well mean that Ryan Reynolds’ was the reason behind Hugh Jackman’s reprisal as the mutant with claws. It wouldn’t be a shocker since the friendly “feud” between the two actors is quite loved by the fans. 

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Where Does Deadpool 3 Pick Up From?


When Logan ended with Wolverine’s death, it broke the hearts of many fans, especially with Hugh Jackman being so adamant about closing the Wolverine chapter. So when the announcement of his return was made, fans couldn’t help but question where Deadpool 3 fits in the timeline.

Addressing this concern, Ryan Reynolds makes it clear that the movie will not touch whatever happened in Logan, which was set in 2029. The actors even “revealed” how Wolverine’s return fits in the timeline with a hilarious video in which music blasts onto the soundtrack, covering the actors’ words. No spoilers will be revealed by the duo, that’s for sure!

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