Hugh Jackman wisely turned down a role in “Cats”


Hugh Jackman is one of the biggest names in the world of Hollywood. With his excellent acting skills, he can mesmerize the critics with his charisma. But, he has attained the attention of many movie fans as it was reported that he had turned down a role in the movie: Cats.

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Hugh Jackman had turned down the offer!
Well, Mr. Jackman took a good decision!

A receptor of unwanted awards!

The legendary actor has revealed that he turned down a role in Tom Hopper’s widely panned big-screen adaptation of Andrew Llyod Weber’s play. Unfortunately, this movie could not shine at the big stage. As a result of which the movie is widely considered as one of the worst movies of 2019. The movie was not accepted by the fans and secured a score of six overall Golden Raspberry Awards for its achievements in bad film-making. Well, an unfortunate award, right?

One of the worst pictures of the year, this movie is being heavily criticized by the fans.

A Good Decision

Jackman was asked whether the creators had approached him for a role. And, his answer was yes, although he turned down the offer, which seems to be the right decision. The cast of the movie included James Corden, Judi Dench, Idris Elba, Taylor Swift, and many more to name. They cast were set to play their respective roles, with one of the scenes being the members of the crew competing out on the streets of London for a chance to live a better life.

A scene from the movie, well, it does not seem to be a good movie!

Reason for refusing

When asked about his refusal, Jackman said that he wasn’t available at the time. Although the director Tom had directed him towards an Oscar nomination for 2012’s Les Miserables. Jackman had also refused to be in the business of bashing people or jumping on bandwagons. He also stated that he hasn’t seen the movie yet.

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Experience matters when you choose a movie!

Ignorance, Ignorance, and Ignorance!

However, the situation is precisely the same for Cats star Dench. She has admitted that she hasn’t seen the movie. Nonetheless, she acknowledged her delight over receiving a Razzie Award for the Worst Supporting Actress. Moreover she has stated that people have been kind to her, and she has not read the reviews on the movie. Well, what a tough time for the actress!

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A movie ignored by everyone!

Have a look at this trailer!

Uh! You can surely get an idea about the movie now!

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