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Hulk: 14 Non-Marvel Superheroes Who Could Destroy The Big Green Guy

The Incredible Hulk is commonly known as the “strongest one”, in MCU. Yet, power is nothing without control. Fear is a weapon to the opponent. As the Hulk’s strength depends entirely on his mood and current shade. So, Let’s consider some other comics like DC, Vertigo, Image, Darkhorse to find who can defeat Hulk. That is our 14 Non-Marvel Superheroes Who Could Destroy Hulk.

1. Invincible’s healing factor is higher than The Hulk.

Invincible can survive anything, which allows him to put his opponents into situations that they themselves cannot survive.

2. The White Violin Of The Umbrella Academy can blow The Hulk’s Brain by playing a note on her violin.

3. Jesse Custer can control the mind of The Hulk and beat him.

4. Zatanna can use her magical skills will confuse hulk and make him feel lost. She has no limit for her magic spells. She is undoubtedly a DC’s Sorceress Supreme.

5. Mary Poppins will smudge hulk, alter him, or erase him from continuity altogether.

6.The Flash can go back in time and even stop Bruce Banner from ever getting irradiated.

Its really tough to defeat the fastest DC’s hero (Flash) because his thoughts move well beyond the speed of light.

7. Superman can wait for Hulk to calm down and turn back into Bruce Banner and then defeat him.

8. Metamorpho Could Invade The Hulk’s Airways As A Lethal Gas

9. Elaine Belloc could end the Hulk in her own imagination because she’s pretty much omniscient.

10. Max Damage gets more powerful as he gets sleepier, just like Hulk does as angrier he gets. But Max has an advantage as it is always easier to get tired and feel sleepy than staying angry.

11. At his peak, Doctor Manhattan Can Do Whatever He Wants. No big deal in Defeating The Hulk.

Doctor Manhattan powers are nearly without a limit. He’s omnipotent, and can absorb one’s powers. Moreover book readers have already witnessed how he can single-handedly take down the entirety of the Justice League .

12. Valofax Sentient Sword Could easily Slice Through The Hulk.

13. Spawn could send Hulk to Hell or drown him and because of nigh-omnipotence the possibilities are endless.

14. Firestorm, this nuclear man can destruct Hulk’s gamma at the molecular level.

Firestorm creates power from internal atomic fusion i.e. almost equal to a nuclear bomb. He can absorb significant amounts of radiation.


Every character has lost fights, except the very top Celestica heroes. Hope you enjoyed our Non-Marvel Superheroes Who Could Destroy Hulk.

Written by FandomWire Staff