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5 Hulk Comic Runs We Need Adapted In The MCU

Hulk himself has had some absolute pearls, but we’ve yet to see many truly adapted for the MCU, so here are five Hulk comic runs we need adapted in the MCU.

For the longest time, if the average film-goer thought of Marvel, they’d think of Spider-Man, Hulk, and the X-Men, as they were the most popular heroes before the MCU. Comic fans however have had their choice of hundreds of different characters, hundreds of issues, and some fantastic storylines over the years and these are the five Hulk comic runs we need adapted in the MCU.

5. Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk

Hulk comic storylines
Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk

A miniseries featuring the two characters and their long-standing feud. Written by Damon Lindelof of Lost fame, this miniseries features six issues of blood, gore, and more. Whilst we don’t have the X-Men in the MCU yet, what better way to introduce Wolverine than having him square off against one of the OG Avengers, before no doubt teaming up at the end? Include The Hulk literally ripping Wolverine in half as per the comic, and you’d have a faithful, gory, and fun introduction for Wolverine as well as a very good Hulk outing.

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4. Future Imperfect

Hulk comic storylines
Future Imperfect

Pretty much guaranteed to not happen, but due to some time-traveling shenanigans, Bruce is taken into the future by Rick Jones to battle Maestro, a dictator of the war-torn Earth that desperately needs to be taken down. Finding out that Maestro is himself, but in the future, Bruce has a huge crisis of conscience, knowing if he continues his Professor Hulk mixture of himself and The Hulk, he’ll become what he’s fighting, and as such, decides to take a serum which undoes the melding of the two.

3. Planet Hulk

Hulk comic-runs we need adapting in the MCU
Plant Hulk

Already a heavy influence on Ragnarok, the Hulk is sent to a faraway planet in Sakaar by his allies Tony Stark, Reed Richards, and the rest of the Illuminati in an attempt to save the Earth from his destructive tendencies. He organizes the gladiatorial inhabitants of Sakaar to rise up and fight and free themselves, all the whilst developing a relationship and starting a little Hulk family.

Fans weren’t overly fond of the Planet Hulk side of Ragnarok, as other than the planet and Hulk being a gladiator, none of the other story beats were used, or adapted and used by Thor, and oddly enough, Korg.

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2. World War Hulk

Hulk comic-runs we need adapting in the MCU
World War Hulk

After Planet Hulk, Hulk returns to Earth with what’s left of his family and comrades after an explosion on Sakaar killed his wife and friends. He’s intent on getting his revenge against his former friends and compatriots, as well as finding answers as to what and who killed his family. Full on angry jade giant, Hulk’s anger is unparalleled here, with him intent on hurting those he deems responsible for his pain. Almost impossible to adapt at this point without once again sending Hulk away, I don’t think we’ll be seeing The Hulk going toe-to-toe with The Avengers properly any time soon.

1. Immortal Hulk

Hulk comic-runs we need adapting in the MCU
Immortal Hulk

Number one on five Hulk comic runs we need adapted in the MCU, Al Ewing’s seminal run for the Hulk recently came to a close and it’s easily the best Hulk story for years. It follows Bruce in his standard guilty conscience story at first, before transforming into a multi-personality having, daddy issues suffering story about both Bruce and his alter ego(egos), as well as reaching back to some of the original issues of The Hulk with the re-introduction of the green door.

Having The Hulk as a multiple personality allowed Ewing to explain the many different incarnations of The Hulk, from Devil Hulk to World-Breaker Hulk, and many, many more. This could be a good way of having Professor Hulk become something more savage, whilst leaving the door open for a return when needed.

There you have it, the five Hulk comic runs we need adapted in the MCU… did I miss any?

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Written by Luke Addison

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