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Why Hulu Cancelled ‘Woke’ After 2 Seasons?

The audience is still confused by Hulu’s decision to cancel “Woke” after running for 2 seasons. The Keith Knight and Marshal Todd-created Dramedy was well received by most of the audiences as well as the critics before they decided to scrap it out after a couple of seasons.

Woke starring Lamorne Morris and others
Woke — “Prayers for Kubby” – Episode 107

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What Actually is “Woke”?

Woke is a Comedy drama series created by Keith Knight and Marshall Todd focusing on the life of Keef, a visual artist, and creator of a fictional Toast and Butter played by Lamorne Morris. One Day after being subjected to some racial violence, his life changes completely. Our protagonist Keef gets badly traumatized and finds out that he can communicate with inanimate objects.

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Following the incident, Keef also gets more sensitive to racism. How Keef manages his career, relationships and social life with this unique problem follow the rest of the story. Hulu streamed Woke for 2 seasons and then canceled it despite gaining almost positive responses from both fans and critics.

Lamorne Morris in Woke

Why Only 2 Seasons?:

After Deadline reported about the cancellation of the series after 2 seasons, it was shocking for the audiences as it was going pretty well, and as such nobody was having many problems around it.

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Although Deadline failed to give any reason for its cancellation, a few reasons starting from some flawed characters to bad direction can be estimated. Even Vanity Fair quoted that the Lamorne Morris starrer Woke is a Comedy for no one:

“Despite a winning cast and a premise that sounds great on paper, Hulu’s Woke, debuting September 9, ends up being a mostly unsatisfying eight-episode investment.”

Vanity Fair further added:

“Woke’s other problem is that the first season just takes too long to say anything interesting”

Woke on Hulu
Stream Woke on Hulu

According to some reviews, it’s also not very fresh looking in itself but at the end of the day, nobody but only Hulu knows the main reason.

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You can stream both the seasons of Woke on Hulu.


Written by Subham Mandal