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‘Humans’ Star Gemma Chan Joins ‘Captain Marvel’ As Doctor Minerva

Captain Marvel is still a whole year away but the cast of the film is still growing and shaping up nicely. Humans star Gemma Chan is the most recent addition to the film, opposite Brie Larson as Captain Marvel. Previous additions have been Ben Mendelsohn who may or may not be the main antagonist for Carol Danver/Captain Marvel, with Jude Law reportedly in talks to play Walter Lawson/Mar-Vell, and Samuel L. Jackson possibly reprising his role as Nick Fury. At the moment though it is still uncertain if any of them are making their debuts in Captain Marvel or a film preceding it.

However, what we are certain of is Gemma Chan’s role in the film. Chan is playing the non-human Doctor Minerva, Deadline reports. The details surrounding the character may potentially yield some potential spoilers so if you do not want to know anything more about the film then you may want to click out now. In the comics, Doctor Minerva is actually an alias for a Kree geneticist and spy, Minn-Erva. Doctor Minerva is somebody who has powers similar to Captain Marvel’s, so the likelihood of her going toe-to-toe with the titular hero is fairly high but specific plot details about her role in the film are still under wraps. This is all speculation for now.

Now what we do know about the film so far is that the film will follow US Air Force pilot Major Carol Danvers in a nostalgic 90’s era origin story. The story may deviate from her comics origin where her DNA was fused with alien DNA during an accident, granting her enhanced strength, energy projection and flight. Doctor Minerva’s origin, however, is a little weirder. She first made her debut in Captain Marvel #50 in 1977 and attempted to mate with Mar-Vell in order to advance the genetic strength of the Kree race. While this may be an interesting story point that totally would not creep Jude Law out, we can certainly guarantee that the MCU version of the character will probably have different goals in mind for her villainous agenda.

Chan recently expressed her excitement to join Captain Marvel via Twitter.



Captain Marvel is set to hit theaters March 8th, 2019.

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