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Hunt the Batman- NCBD Review: Future State: Gotham #4

Within the past 5 years DC Comics has released a multitude of books under their “Rebirth” and later their “DC Universe” line of books. Their latest is the “Future State” series that has had a multitude of books launched and relaunched from them. One of these latest books is Future State: Gotham. It was written by Dennis Culver (best known for Super Sons). Additionally, it was drawn by Nikola Cizmesija. The cover of the issue is drawn by Simone Di Meo. It depicts a hyper-stylized version of DC’s newest breakout star villain, Harley Quinn, as this issue is dedicated to a story about and DC’s newest attempted breakout star, Punchline.


As always, the review will be judging the comic based solely on the contents within the issue itself, disregarding any previous issues, and instead judging it on its own merit. This issue is a fairly enjoyable comic on its own, but could definitely be improved by the other issues in this story arc. 


The writing in this issue is certainly enjoyable, but it is by no means the best I have ever seen. Honestly though, considering it is a superhero comic, nobody should let that stop them from reading and enjoying the book. Culver has certainly put a lot of hard work and effort into creating an enjoyable and interesting story, and I am glad I had the chance to be able to read it. He is by no means a bad writer, as Super Sons is one of my favorite series of all time, but this issue is way too wrapped up in concepts that are confusing to new readers and way outstayed its welcome. 


Honestly, as competent as the artist is, I can not say I am much a fan of the art. This is personal opinion speaking, but I have never been a fan of manga-esque art. If you enjoy manga at all, art by Cizmesija would be a perfect jumping on point for you, but sadly this issue is not the one I would suggest you do so on, as DC Editorial focused too heavily on an event that was confusing and convoluted to new readers. 


Now for the part of this review where I tell you how to spend your hard earned money (or in this case, how not to.) I would not recommend anyone buy this for the price they are asking, and honestly, it is extremely hard to suggest anyone to buy the book, but I would suggest you take the time to read it through DC UNIVERSE or Hoopla when it enters the service, or even to borrow the graphic novel if you can find it at your local library. It is a story I suggest you do not miss out on, but I cannot in good conscience recommend it be bought at full price. 


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Written by Donovan Reed