Hunter X Hunter: Craziest Plot Holes That Make the Show Unbearable

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Now that Yoshihiro Togashi has announced the return of Hunter x Hunter from it’s legendarily infamous hiatus, it is time to address the craziest plot holes in the series. These Hunter x Hunter were the craziest, most insane inconsistencies the series never cared to address. And it made the show somewhat unbearable for logic extremists like us.


Hunter X Hunter keeps ignoring these glaring story inconsistencies. But the fans won’t stop questioning. We. Need. Answers!!!

Why Can’t People Recognize The Phantom Troupe?

Hunter X Hunter - Phantom Troupe
Hunter X Hunter – Phantom Troupe

They are a group of international fugitives and assassins. They are on every nation’s most wanted list. And yet they roam free as if they were born yesterday. Chrollo Lucifer led the Trupe into committing heinous acts of violence. From eradicating Kurapika’s tribe for their eyes to kidnapping the daughters of rich and powerful men, they have done it all.


They have enough bounty on their heads that would make entire nations go after them. And yet they make no effort to conceal and disguise themselves. They roam in a similar getup and have the same wardrobe wherever they go. Even the general public seems to be indifferent when they see a Troupe member. They should be dead scared but they aren’t for some reason.

Gon Not Dying Is The Craziest Of All Hunter X Hunter Plot Holes

Gon - Recreation and Covenant - Hunter X Hunter
Gon – Recreation and Covenant – Hunter X Hunter

After Neferpitou kills Kite, Gon went on the warpath. He was going to kill Neferpitou at any cost, no matter what he has to go through. So he used the Restriction and Covenant Nen ability. In return for using up all the strength he would ever have in one go, Gon would gain tremendous Godlike strength but would ultimately die.

Restriction and Covenant was not supposed to turn his body into charred paper and leave him in a comatose state. The Nen condition was supposed to kill him. It didn’t. And that goes against the entire Nen system itself. Restriction and Covenant was a one time ability. Can he use it again now?


Why Only Netero Had The Foresight To Use Poor Man’s Rose

Netero Death Scene - Hunter X Hunter
Netero Death Scene – Hunter X Hunter

As the Chimeras started taking over an entire country, the Hunter association was forced to intervene. When Netero decided to take the fight to Meruem, he came prepared. If his Nen technique did not defeat him and he did die in the process, then he had a back up plan.

The Poor Man’s Rose was a cheap explosive that was easy to procure and make. Employed by dictators, it alone had the power to take down even the king of the Chimera Ants. If the nations all over the world were so scared of Meruem, why didn’t they just drop a dozen Poor Man’s Rose bombs onto the Chimera Ant nest and called it a day?

There Should Still Be Enough Chimera Ants To Wreak Havoc

Chimera Ants
Chimera Ants – Hunter X Hunter

Meruem and his royal guards may be dead. But that does not mean the many many Minions the Chimera queen gave birth to have bit the dust. Most of them have nen abilities and are walking weapons of mass destruction. But surprisingly, none of them have drawn enough attention to themselves after Meruem’s death.


Many of them were cocky enough to pillage and murder as they pleased. Surely some of the overconfident ones must be creating a ruckus out there. But there has been no news of the Chimeras after their King died. It is strange and one of the craziest Hunter X Hunter plot holes.

The Hunter’s Association Allows Mass Murderers To Join

Hisoka Morow and Illumi Zoldyck - HXH
Hisoka Morow and Illumi Zoldyck – HXH

To be honest, the Hunter’s Association was one of the craziest plot holes in Hunter x Hunter by itself. They were supposed to be the protectors of humanity. The best and brightest of humanity banded together to protect the less fortunate ones. Their mission was supposed to be noble. They would go where no man has dared to go before, do things no one would dare to. They were supposed to be icons for humanity to idolize.

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And yet many Hunters turned out to be assassins, serial killers, and criminals. How an association this huge and respected got away with having psychopaths like Hisoka Morow and Illumi Zoldyck is beyond us.



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