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Hush Becomes Batman in Twisted Dark Multi Verse Arc

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The Dark Multi Verse is home to some of the most twisted versions of Batman we are yet to see in action. In Dark Nights: Metal and Dark Nights: Death Metal, we could see a few evil version of our superheroes make life hell for the heroes of the DC Universe. But the action is far from being over. DC accidentally hit the jackpot with Dark Nights Metal. The comic book fans absolutely love the concept of an Evil Batman because it is like a wet dream come true. Seems like DC has answered the fans’ requests! Their new evil Hush Batman might have things in store even better than what the Batman Who Laughs has to offer.

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DC has announced they are revamping Batman: Hush for their November slate and this time it is coming with a dark twist in the tale. The newly titled Tales from the Dark Multi Verse: Batman: Hush #1 will have Phillip Kennedy Johnson as the writer and the illustrator will be Dexter Roy. Tis new comic book arc will be different take on the classic and critically acclaimed Batman: Hush arc. Only this time, it will be Bruce who will be the one harboring jealousy and resentment for Thomas Elliot for ruining his childhood and life. This time it will be Bruce who turns into a psychopathic serial killer as a dark Batman-Hush hybrid super villain.

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In Batman: Hush, Jeff Loeb writes a story where Bruce Wayne has a childhood friend named Thomas Elliott. Thomas hates his wealthy parents. His father is abusive and regularly hits his mother, who never fights back or has the guts to stand for her-self. Tommy tried killing his parents and inheriting their fortune. His plan succeeds but only partially. Thomas’ father dies but Bruce’s father manages to save Tommy’s mother. As a result of that, Thomas secretly hates Bruce and resents the entire Wayne Family for ruining his plans to a happy childhood.

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After Bruce’s parents died, Thomas started hating Bruce even more because Bruce now lived a life Thomas had always wanted to. After seeing Bruce live the life of an orphan, Tommy decides to live it him-self. His second attempt at killing his mother succeeds. Tommy uses a pillow to smother his mother, making it look like an accident. He then uses the massive fortune to build himself as one of the world’s greatest surgeons. His hatred for Bruce only grows stronger after that. So he decides to come back to Gotham and haunt his childhood best friend again. Wrapping his head with bandages and carrying twin pistols, Elliott becomes the super villain Hush, who in the story line of the same name almost destroys Bruce Wayne by partnering up with a few Gotham Villains.

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But what if Bruce Wayne was the resentful one among the two? What if Bruce let the same hatred that pushed Tommy over the edge consume him instead? That is the story this new comic book one shot will explore. From what we know so far, Bruce and Elliott as well as their parents visit the movies together on that unfortunate day. But in the dark alley way, Joe Chill murders only Bruce’s parents, leaving Elliott’s parents safe and sound. This leads to Bruce’s mind being clouded with envy and extreme jealousy. He becomes a twisted evil version of the Batman called The Silenced.

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The Silenced will haunt and torture Tommy, physically as well as psychologically in Tales from the Dark Multi Verse: Batman: Hush. Tommy will be sticking to his evil ways and make some powerful connections with the Gotham Underworld. But will that be enough to stop a jealous and vengeful Batman from coming for his neck?


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