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“Hypocrite” Jennifer Lopez Slammed for Launching Delola While She Fights With Ben Affleck Over His Alcohol Consumption

“Hypocrite” Jennifer Lopez Slammed for Launching Delola While She Fights With Ben Affleck Over His Alcohol Consumption

Jennifer Lopez is a media personality widely known for her multiple professions as an actor, singer, and dancer, unlike many other actors, she had to climb up the industry and make a name for herself by herself and there was a time when she excelled in everything she did. Whether it be singing, acting, or dancing, and also made her way to the highest-paid female actor in Hollywood.

But after she made it big in Hollywood she completely fell off the grid for many years, and currently, she is trying to make a strong comeback. Jennifer Lopez has an upcoming film with Ben Affleck, and she also launched her alcohol brand Delola but was immediately faced with severe backlash. It is a widely known fact that Lopez is a non-drinker and many cases of abuse this fact to target her.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer Lopez and Her Alcohol Brand, Delola

After a long ever since her prime days in Hollywood, Jennifer Lopez can be actively seen on social media these days, whether it is for her upcoming movie with Ben Affleck, her current husband, or for her alcohol brand Delola which received immense backlash from the general people. JLo came out as a non-alcoholic person years ago and despite that, she launched Delola, an alcohol brand quite some days ago. Lopez seemed very proud of her brand as she made a statement on her hard work these past decades and now she just wants to enjoy life like everyone else.

I have been grinding non-stop for decades, and more and more I’m realizing the importance of enjoying life, I just wanted to create something better — something better tasting, better ingredients, something I would want to drink with my friends and family, and that is Delola”

Jennifer Lopez announces Delola Spritz,
Jennifer Lopez announces Delola Spritz

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However, despite all the efforts made for her brand, it was met with severe backlash and criticism as it is an open fact Jennifer Lopez does not drink, and her releasing an alcohol brand does not really fit the picture.

As soon as she made her brand public, many took to social media to gossip about this matter and this gossip turned from just criticism to calling her names such as, “hypocrite”, and many others. Several people have shared their opinions against this matter and action brought to light that JLo is a non-drinker and also the fact that Ben Affleck had past issues with alcohol, as he was an alcohol addict.

Jennifer Lopez’s Movie With Ben Affleck, Unstoppable

Well, it is a fact that for many years Ben Affleck has struggled with his alcohol addiction, and this has caused Affleck to lose out on many things, whether it be his Hollywood career or just his personal life. While Affleck has been fighting it for many years, he recently got in trouble with Jennifer Lopez, his wife for having alcohol in his drink and being caught by JLo made the matter worse as there was a visible death stare from the actress to the actor.

Alcohol addiction is the root of most of the problems one has in their life and Ben Affleck is no different as it affected their marriage the first time, and it seems like alcohol is affecting it this time too.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

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Nonetheless, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck will star together in a sports-drama movie Unstoppable, to rekindle JLo’s dampened Hollywood career. Artists Equity, the production house made by Affleck and Matt Damon will be responsible for the movie.

The movie will focus on Anthony Robles, an athlete who went on to be the All-American Wrestler thrice and also secured first place at the Arizona State University Championship, with a disability of being one-legged. No further details for the movie have been released officially except that it will be directed by William Goldenberg, who has worked with the Gone Girl actor on multiple occasions.

Unstoppable does not have a release date yet.

Source: Jennifer Lopez | Instagram

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