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“I accept I give up it’s too much pain”: Marvel Star Jeremy Renner’s Fighter Spirit is the Reason Behind Him Healing Like Wolverine

“I accept I give up it's too much pain": Marvel Star Jeremy Renner’s Fighter Spirit is the Reason Behind Him Healing Like Wolverine

Jeremy Renner shook the world with news of his January 1 accident this year. 2 weeks later, he had already had two surgeries done, sent out a personalized post on social media thanking the fans and well-wishers for their support, uploaded a video of himself, and promoted Season 2 of his upcoming show, Mayor of Kingstown via Twitter. Under other circumstances, one might have thought the injuries may have not been as severe as they looked when in reality they were far worse than could ever have been imagined.

Jeremy Renner documents his recovery journey
Jeremy Renner documents his recovery journey

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Jeremy Renner’s Physiotherapist Heaps Praise on the Actor

To be crushed under 14,330 lbs of weight would mean exactly that for a person – be crushed. Adding on to the fact that it was heavy machinery with caterpillar wheels that rolled over Jeremy Renner on an icy path on the morning of New Year’s Day, the fact that the actor was up and running within 2 weeks was a miracle in itself. Within 2 months, he was upright, standing, walking, and biking around his house. And an immense amount of credit for making that happen goes out to his physiotherapist, Dr. Christopher Vincent who is well renowned as a chiropractic sports physician.

Jeremy Renner with Dr. Christopher Vincent
Jeremy Renner with Dr. Christopher Vincent

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But according to Dr. Vincent, that credit is misplaced. When approached during the Diane Sawyer interview, he claims, “That’s what makes it fun working with you because it’s like you’re so motivated to heal, to get back to your life.” Renner rhetorically questions him then, Well, what’s the alternative – you know what I mean?” His doctor, who has spent weeks working with Renner now, keeping track of his movements, helping with the scar tissue pain, and observing his progress then says, Well, the alternative could be – hey, I accept, I give up, it’s too much work.” He already knows Renner would rather will himself back into full physicality than succumb to defeat.

Diane Sawyer Finds Out the Extent of Renner’s Injuries

When Jeremy Renner was crushed under the Sno-Cat, he claims to have remained conscious through the whole ordeal – a claim that is proven by the excruciating moans of pain that could be heard via the dispatch call that his neighbor placed to the emergency services. His left eye had bulged out of its socket, his head was split open, more than 30 bones broken all over his body, blunt force trauma to the chest including 8 broken ribs, a broken clavicle, the list simply goes on. And yet, Jeremy Renner remained conscious and aware through it all.

Jeremy Renner gives his first interview since Jan 1 accident
Jeremy Renner gives his first interview since the Jan 1 accident

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When he did fight through the haze of pain, Renner said I’m sorry” to his mother in ASL. And he does own up to his mistake later on in the interview when he says that he never should have left the Sno-Cat’s engine running when he was not inside the vehicle. But, at the same time, he also adds he would go through it all if it meant saving his nephew from being in his place.

Jeremy Renner’s journey of healing and recovery has drawn praise from across the world, and people have marveled at his ability to walk, laugh, and host gatherings at his house a mere 10 weeks after the fatalistic accident. At the rate at which he is currently progressing, defying all human capabilities in the process, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he regains full functionality of his legs by the time summer passes.

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