“I actually paid for my sister’s tuition”: Tom Cruise Cleared His Sister’s Debt With First Pay-Check While Co-Star Henry Cavill Blew it On $300K James Bond Car

“I actually paid for my sister’s tuition”: Tom Cruise Cleared His Sister’s Debt With First Pay-Check While Co-Star Henry Cavill Blew it On $300K James Bond Car
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A conversation about the biggest action superstars of today is sure to feature two names: Henry Cavill, and Tom Cruise. Cavill is best known for his role as Superman in the DCEU, while Cruise had had his pick of action movies and is best known for featuring in the Mission Impossible and Top Gun franchises.

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Tom Cruise

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Both Cruise and Cavill have come a long way in their careers in Hollywood and are established names within the industry. Both of them took a look back at their early days, however, on The Graham Norton Show in 2018, attending the talk show alongside others from the cast of Mission Impossible: Fallout (2018).


Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill’s first big paycheck

On The Graham Norton Show with other stars from Mission Impossible: Fallout, Hollywood stars Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill took a trip down memory lane and shared what their first purchases from big movie payouts were with the audience. Cruise revealed that his first big paycheck had gone toward clearing his sister’s college education debts.

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Henry Cavill

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Cavill shared that he had spent his first big paycheck in a car showroom down in Jersey. Along with his father, Cavill visited one of the high-end garages in Jersey and ended up buying a $300,000 Aston Martin DBS – the car driven by James Bond. It was once considered very likely for Cavill to play the role of the super-spy, and it might have been the reason for Cavill to have picked the car keeping the role in mind.


The actor dup starred together in Mission Impossible: Fallout

Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill starred in Mission Impossible: Fallout in 2018, on the sidelines of which they had attended the episode of The Graham Norton Show. Co-stars in Fallout, Swedish actress Rebecca Ferguson, and actor Simon Pegg were also present on the show and revealed that they had spent their first major paychecks on a pair of high-fashion sunglasses and a Mazda car respectively.

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A still from Mission Impossible: Fallout

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Fallout was the sixth installment in the massively popular Mission Impossible franchise and followed protagonist Ethan Hunt, played by Cruise, and his Impossible Missions Force as they tried to prevent nuclear weapon technology from falling into the hands of the Apostles, a bioterrorist outfit of the Syndicate.


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