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“I almost killed Anthony Mackie”: Brooklyn Nine-Nine Actress Nearly Decapitated MCU Star With an Axe

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Actress Nearly Decapitated MCU Star With an Axe

Anthony Mackie is an incredibly talented and well-known actor. He has starred in many massively successful projects like Black Mirror, Synchronic, The Banker, and most famously, his work with The Marvel Cinematic Universe on projects like Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Endgame, and The Falcon and the Winter Solider. Woking on projects like this, the actor has established himself as a truly skilled and well-versed actor, carefully choosing projects that help him showcase his exceptional acting capabilities.

Anthony Mackie as The Falcon
Anthony Mackie as The Falcon

Having starred in so many projects that require him to be surrounded by special effects and stunts, it is only natural that sometimes, things don’t go as planned. This is what happened to Mackie while working on a recent project like this, Twisted Metal, with Brooklyn Nine-Nine actress, Stephanie Beatriz.

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Stephanie Beatriz Had To Learn How To Throw Knives For Twisted Metal

It is quite common for actors to have to learn and pick up new skills for new characters that they are playing, be it something simple and safe like learning how to play the piano or learning how to sing, or something much more complex and dangerous, like learning how to fight or master a weapon. While the majority of the time they learn from the best possible people for the job and execute these skills on set under supervision, it is important to remember that they are not experts at these skills, like their characters, and can potentially go wrong or hurt even someone.

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One of the best supporting characters on TV shows.
Stephanie Beatriz.

This is what almost happened with Stephanie Beatriz on the set of Twisted Metal. For the character that she plays in this post-apocalyptic series, the actress learned how to throw axes. While she may have been trained by experts in this skill, one cannot expect the actress to be one herself. This is why she almost killed one of her co-stars on set while throwing an axe.

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Stephanie Beatriz Almost Killed Anthony Mackie

During an interview with NBC, Stephanie Beatriz revealed that she once almost killed her co-star, Anthony Mackie on the set of Twisted Metal. The actress was asked how her axe-throwing skills were in real life as it is a very significant part of her character in the series, Quite. She stated that they are getting better. She did, however, remember an incident that would say otherwise.

Anthony Mackie
Anthony Mackie

“They’re getting better. There was a day where I almost took off Anthony Mackie’s head and he was running away. As we were both running towards camera and I like, threw an axe and it (whooshing sound) wizzed by his ear and I was like ‘Oh my god, I almost killed Anthony Mackie’. But they’re getting better”

The actress revealed that once on set when her and Mackie’s characters were running towards the camera, she was supposed to throw an axe at him. Unfortunately, the actress may have miscalculated and thrown it wrong, resulting in the axe flying very close to Mackie’s head and almost decapitating the Marvel star.

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