“I also currently have no connection to the X-Men ’97 show”: Christopher Daniel Barnes Pleads MCU For Spider-Man ’98 After His Return as Spider-Man in X-Men ’97

The fans have approved Christopher Daniel Barnes' appeal to the MCU

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  • Spider-Man from Spider-Man: The Animated Series makes a cameo in X-Men '97.
  • Christopher Daniel Barnes requests MCU to bring back Spider-Man '98 after X-Men '97's humongous success.
  • Fans support Christopher Daniel Barnes' plea as they want their favorite childhood show to return.
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As Marvel’s X-Men ’97 comes closer to its final moments of Season 1, the show decided to punch its viewers with nostalgia one more time in the modern period. The show features a fictional reality that is driven heavily by nostalgia and emotions that cause its fans to draw tears as it features some of our most loved superheroes in their classic avatar one more time. The show has featured Captain America, and the latest episode of the show titled Tolerance is Extinction Part 1 featured our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

The Shi'ar Imperial Guard holding Kree hostage in X-Men '97
A still from X-Men ’97

To put a cherry on top of the cake, it was the Spider-Man from the renowned 1998 series! Now, Christopher Daniel Barnes, the voice actor behind the Web-head in the 1998 show, pleads with Marvel Cinematic Universe on his social media to come up with Spider-Man ’98.

Spider-Man’s Return in X-Men ’97 Makes His Voice Actor Plead for a Spider-Man ’98 Show

Spider-Man, popularly known as Spider-Man: The Animated Series, was a popular Marvel show aired from 1994 to 1998, and it hooked its viewers with a gripping plot, well-animated action sequences, and 3-dimensional character writing. The series became an essential part of our childhood, and it is still one of our favorite shows that resonates deeply even after 26 years of its conclusion. 

Spider-Man making a cameo in X-Men '97
Spider-Man making a cameo

The fans were excited as in the recent episode of X-Men ’97, the Wall-crawler was featured in a cameo, where he was shown reacting to Magneto. This left the entire fandom excited as the cameo was met with an overwhelmingly positive response, and it left the fans asking themselves, “What exactly did the cameo mean?” 

Thankfully, they did not have to spend too much time finding the answer to this question as Christopher Daniel Barnes, the voice actor behind Spider-Man took it to his social media (@cdb_stories), pleading to the Marvel Cinematic Universe for Spider-Man ’98 revival, as everyone would love to see the Spider-Man in his classic avatar, one more time. He tweeted,

“Hey everyone! I just wanted to say thanks for all of the positivity and support surrounding the idea of a “Spider-Man 98” revival! I’d obviously love to participate in such an awesome venture!”

Sider-Man in the Spider-Man: The Animated Series
A still from Spider-Man: The Animated Series

However, Barnes added that he “currently have no connection” to the X-Men ’97 showand he has not been “contacted by anyone regarding this possibility.” However, he pleads with the Marvel fans and talks about the idea that will eventually take place, and everything will go “weirdly silent on the issue.”


“Unfortunately I haven’t been contacted by anyone regarding this possibility and I also currently have no connection to the “X-Men 97” show . But hey let’s remember Stan Lee and remain “True Believers”! Maybe I’ll get that magical phone call, have to sign an NDA, and then go weirdly silent on the issue! Here’s hoping!!!”

Nevertheless, fans are excited as they see their childhood returning with the cameo of Spider-Man from the 1998 series, making them rush to social media to support the potential idea of a soft rebooted show of their favorite superhero.

Marvel Fans React To The Potential Possibility of Spider-Man ’98

There’s no denying that Spider-Man: The Animated Series was a memorable show as it delved deeper than mere superhero antics. The nostalgic show featured the evolution of Peter Parker from a high school teenager to a confident superhero, who has been burdened by the weight of his choices, and the moral dilemmas making it appeal to an older audience as well.

Spider-Man in X-Men '97
The 1994 Spider-Man returns after 26 years

The return of the character in the X-Men ’97 animated series was loved by the fans as it received an overwhelmingly positive response, with some supporting Christopher Daniel Barnes’ plea for a Spider-Man ’98 show on social media.




Well, Marvel often complies with the requests of its fans, and Spider-Man: The Animated Series is an immensely popular series. Hence, the idea of a soft rebooted show is high because, just like the X-Men series, the Spider-Man show will be a massive hit.

Spider-Man: The Animated Series can be streamed on Disney+.


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