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“I also have stress acne, and I also have greasy hair”: Florence Pugh Exposes Hollywood’s Obsession With Unrealistic Beauty Standards

“I also have stress acne, and I also have greasy hair”: Florence Pugh Exposes Hollywood’s Obsession With Unrealistic Beauty Standards

Florence Pugh is one of the coolest celebrities in Hollywood. She is synonymous with the term influential, as well as an iconic social media chef. The 27-year-old actress is a down-to-earth person, and she is mostly in the headlines for not following norms, and speaking out about the body standards set by Hollywood.

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Florence Pugh

The actress has previously talked about the ‘unreal’ expectations placed on young women who have newly joined the entertainment industry. The young actress also talked about an incident where she refused to follow the prescribed diet when she began her career in Hollywood.

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Florence Pugh’s Opinion on Hollywood’s Beauty Standards

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Florence Pugh commented on the change in beauty standards in Hollywood over the years. Celebrities are now eulogized for having a “more human appearance” than being a “flawless one.” The actress said, “I love this shift.” and talked about an incident at the initial steps of her career with her grandfather, who used to ask her about her looks and why she revealed her flaws.

Florence Pugh in the role of Angela
A still from Malevolent

“When I started out, my granddad would always tell me off and be like, ‘Why are you showing everyone your ugly spots?’”

The Malevolent actress continued the incident, her grandfather was muddled about why Pugh would show her cellulite, and her answer was that she would rather reveal her flaws herself than have people show them to her.

“He’d be really confused as to why I’d show my cellulite. My answer was like, ‘Well, I’d much rather do it than they do it, and then I feel ashamed.’”

Florence Pugh then spoke about her appearance, saying she feels great when she puts on makeup and steps out in a “wonderful dress“. But the actress prefers giving credit to the people who made her look like that. She went on to confess that she doesn’t look perfect all the time, and gets stress acne, hairy eyebrows, and greasy hair.

“When I put on makeup and step in a wonderful dress, I give credit to the people that made me look like that. And I also want my fans to know that (a) I don’t look like that all the time and (b) I also have stress acne, and I also have hairy eyebrows, and I also have greasy hair.”

The undaunted actress doesn’t mind talking about her flaws and looks because she’s just being honest and open, and she believes it is a better way to do it.

“That was a better way to do it. Just be honest and open – then no one has to call you out for anything. You are who you are.”

It is so relieving and assuring that in a world full of influencers who showcase that they are flawless creatures, Florence Pugh is one of the few who doesn’t believe in following those standards to influence people who are watching her and believes in being herself.

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Florence Pugh’s Upcoming Movies in Hollywood

Florence Pugh will be a part of some of the major and arguably one of the best movies that will premiere on the big screen. Pugh’s first film for 2023 is A Good Person. The plot is about a young woman who had a fatal accident that crumbled her life, however, she formed an unlikely friendship, with her would-be father-in-law who taught her to move on and how she can get her life back on track. 

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The second movie would be Oppenheimer which would narrate the story of physicist Robert J. Oppenheimer, who was responsible for creating the atomic bomb. The film is by Christopher Nolan and has a decorated cast of Cillian Murphy, Robert Downey Jr, Jack Quaid, and more. 

Florence Pugh would be part of another blockbuster for this year as she would be starring in Dune 2, the sequel to the massive hit Dune. The film will follow the events from the first film. The sequel will release on 3rd November 2023.

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Oppenheimer will release on 21st July 2023.

Source: Vanity Fair

Written by Tushar Auddy

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