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“I always just try to make sure that I’m not forgotten”: Jada Smith Made a Heartbreaking Sacrifice to Save Marriage With $350M Rich Will Smith Despite Sleeping With Son’s Bestfriend

Jada Smith Made a Heartbreaking Sacrifice to Save Marriage With $350M Rich Will Smith Despite Sleeping With Son's Bestfriend

There aren’t many families who stay in the spotlight, but Jada Smith and Will Smith’s family is one that always manages to remain on the top. Both actors have had successful careers in Hollywood. However, their personal lives are the ones that have created a great number of controversies. Whether it is about a comment either of them made, their relationship, or how they are with each other, both of them have been quite open about everything.

Jada Smith
Jada Smith

The actress has taken it upon herself not to hide even the most personal details about their marriage. She has even gone on her talk show to address quite a chunk of topics that were otherwise avoided by the media as well as her husband. This even so includes her affairs. Although, she has also made some sacrifices.

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Jada Smith Gave Up On Advancing Her Career

Jada Smith once talked about how it was not easy having so much star power in one household. Both Will Smith and her are great actors, but it is no hiding that the I Am Legend actor is one of the biggest names in Hollywood.

Fandomwire Video
Will Smith
Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith with their children

“I always just try to make sure that I’m not forgotten and you know, so that when I do want to work, I can always, you know, go out and get that meeting or what have you.”

She encountered the thought that if things were so that both actors were massive in their careers, then they would have no time for their children. So instead of wanting to create a bigger name for herself, she learned to balance her personal and professional life. This was not something she regretted either. Smith was more than keen on making sure she could be both career-oriented and available for her family.

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Jada Smith Always Prioritized Her Family

Jada Pinkett Smith acknowledged how there was no question as to how much she loves her career as an actress, but it does not come anywhere near her family. If both parents in the house become busy, there would be no time for their children.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith got married in 1997
Will Smith and Jada Smith

“But you know, my priority is my family. You know, I really have to be honest about that and I do love doing what I do, but you can’t have two superstars in the family. You know, we already have one.”

To ensure that does not happen, the actress chose not to develop her career the way Will Smith’s career was going and instead focused on her children. Having the Aladdin actor always being so highly demanded does make things complicated, but she balances it.

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