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I Am Legend 2: Will Smith To Return Alongside Michael B. Jordan


Will Smith in the prequel to I Am Legend 2
Will Smith in the OG movie.

Will Smith to make his return:

Warner Bros. has confirmed that Will Smith will return to appear in the film sequel ‘I Am Legend 2’, alongside Michael B. Jordan. In 2007, a film adaptation of Richard Matheson’s post-apocalyptic science-fiction bestseller ‘I Am Legend’ was released, starring Will Smith. The actor played Robert Neville, a bright scientist, in the initial movie. He was one of the architects of a faulty cure for cancer. The tailored virus, instead of treating mankind of a deadly sickness, killed the majority of the human population. The great majority of the survivors turned into Darkseekers, vampire-like beings. Robert was one of the last people alive, and he lived a solitary existence while searching for a cure.

More about the original movie:

Will Smith in the OG movie I Am Legend
The initial movie was adapted from Richard Matheson’s bestseller – I Am Legend.

While Deadline’s report indicates that Smith will reprise his part in the next picture, there is indeed a problem with that. At the end of the first film, Robert appears to have sacrificed himself in order to save Anna Montez and a small boy named Ethan from the Darkseekers. On the DVD and Blu-ray, however, there is an alternate ending in which Robert survives. Even Akiva Goldsman’s previous sequel ideas, such as resurrecting Smith by cloning Neville, might be addressed in I Am Legend 2. The movie will basically return to the planet over a decade after the events of the previous film, potentially allowing the film to disclose what happened to the infection and the Darkseekers.

The sequel in works:

I Am Legend 2 starring Will Smith and Michael Jordan
The sequel to I Am Legend starring Will Smith along with Michael Jordan.

Over a decade ago, the film was a major success for Warner Bros. It earned excellent reviews from both audiences and reviewers, and also went on to become 2007’s seventh highest-grossing movie, with $585 million at the box office. I Am Legend 2 has been discussed at various phases since 2008, but the sequel’s door appeared to close in 2014. Instead, Warner Bros. stated that it was working on a remake of Richard Matheson’s novel. However, now, it has been confirmed that I Am Legend 2 will definitely be released.  Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan will be collaborating on a film for the first time. The couple will not only be starring in the film but will also be producing it under the banners of Outlier Society and Westbrook Studios. Furthermore, Goldsman, who produced the first picture, will return alongside Greg Lessans through Weed Road Pictures.

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