“I am not going to kill him”: Hollywood Legend Who Gave Sylvester Stallone His Worst Injury Also Hit Dwayne Johnson With A Real Hammer And It Freaked Joe Rogan Out

Hollywood Legend Who Gave Sylvester Stallone His Worst Injury Also Hit Dwayne Johnson With A Real Hammer And It Freaked Joe Rogan Out
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The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson is one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of wrestling. Not only is he a genius in the ring, but he has also become one of the top actors of all time. Counted among the highest-paid actors, he has established himself as a reigning champion of Hollywood as well as pro wrestling. However, he was once literally hammered by a Hollywood legend who is also a wrestling champion.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

Not only did he hit The Rock, but the Hollywood legend also gave Sylvester Stallone his worst injury. And this revelation totally shocked the popular host, Joe Rogan.

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Hollywood Legend’s Fight With Dwayne Johnson Freaked Joe Rogan

The Rock and Hulk Hogan
The Rock and Hulk Hogan

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There have been many actors who were first pro-wrestlers, but not many have been as successful as Dwayne Johnson and Hulk Hogan. While Dwayne Johnson has been the unrivaled champion and Hollywood’s biggest actor now, Hogan too has had considerable success. Starting his journey with Rocky III, Hogan has been a part of many movies.

During an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Hogan revealed his feud with The Rock at Wrestlemania 18 and how he hammered him.


“I got a call from Vince you know, he goes uh you know uh ‘We’d like you to come up and work with the Rock at WrestleMania…. If you’re going to come up here you got to really bring it’.”

Hence, Hogan decided to go all out and really be the bad guy.

“So I go out of the ring and I got a toolbox and I dump the toolbox out and there’s this ball peen hammer, right?.. While they got him hooked… I hit him from behind with a hammer, right. I catch him from behind you know I’m not killing him. I’m pretty good at what I do.”

And Joe Rogan couldn’t believe that it was an actual hammer Dwayne Johnson was hit with.

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Hulk Hogan Also Gave Sylvester Stallone His Worst Injury

Sylvester Stallone with Hulk Hogan
Sylvester Stallone with Hulk Hogan

Rocky III featured Sylvester Stallone in a ring with Hulk Hogan. While Hogan wins the fight in the match, Stallone gets an unforgettable injury while filming. The experience was so traumatizing that Stallone didn’t even put it in the final cut.

In an interview when the Creed star was asked by Hogan about his worst injury, he replied.

“Truthfully, the hardest I was ever hit was actually by you, Hulk Hogan. We didn’t put it in the movie (Rocky III) because I was so traumatized. It was where you threw me into a corner and you leapt up, and you were really, really light on your feet that day, for 310 pounds. You went up and caught me with your shin, believe it or not, on my collarbone. I collapsed to the ground. I’ll never forget, I was laying there and I was thinking, ‘I don’t want to look. I don’t want to look because that bone is sticking through my flesh and it’s over. Here’s the end of the movie.'”

And what was worse is that Hulk Hogan wasn’t even using all of his might. The experience taught Stallone what an absolutely traumatic sport wrestling is.


Rocky III can be streamed on Netflix.

Source: YouTube and WWE.com


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