“I am ready to retire”: Pedro Pascal Admitted ‘The Last of Us’ Game Was Not Easy For Him Even After He Played Joel In The Live Action Show

"I am ready to retire": Pedro Pascal Admitted 'The Last of Us' Game Was Not Easy For Him Even After He Played Joel In The Live Action Show

Pedro Pascal is a fan favorite for multiple reasons. It is his quirky personality, energetic portrayals, and down-to-earth nature that make fans love and adore him all over the world. While he has starred in multiple movies and series, his recent feat as the live-action Joel from HBO’s The Last of Us has been gaining quite some popularity.

Pedro Pascal
Pedro Pascal

The actor’s portrayal of the popular video game character has critics and viewers hail him as the best Joel, even better than the video game one. Despite such high praise and acclaim, The Mandalorian star admitted the video game was tough to play.

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Pedro Pascal Regrets Playing The Last Of Us Video Game

Pedro Pascal in a still from the show
Pedro Pascal in a still from the show

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HBO’s real-life adaptation of the popular game The Last of Us wouldn’t have been the same had it not been for Pedro Pascal. The actor plays the character of Joel Miller who unfortunately lost his daughter to a fungal apocalypse. He must now go on a mission with a 14-year-old Ellie. Pascal has done a wonderful job so far and properly embodied the character.

While it was difficult to prepare for the role, there was one thing Pascal was asked to never do. And it was to never play the actual game. However, Pedro Pascal being Pedro Pascal, didn’t listen and went ahead. But he soon realized that playing a video game was not something he could do.

“My nephews were watching me play and eventually got tired of my inability to complete the level, so they took my controller from me.”

Even after failing, he stated, that he would love to become a gamer.

“I’m ready to become one. I’m ready to retire and become a gamer, because I feel that if I become one all our systems will start crumbling down and I’ll never leave the house again.”

Well, gamer or not, he sure is the best Joel fans have ever seen.

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Pedro Pascal Is Hopeful About The Last of Us Season 2

Fans can't wait for The Last of Us season 2
Fans can’t wait for The Last of Us Season 2

Those who have already played the game know that Joel dies in the next stage. However, the actor, Pedro Pascal feels things might turn out differently for the live-action. In an interview, he was quoted as saying,

“I don’t know. I think part 2 has more leeway. It seemed to be a different immersive experience, while things must happen for the central narrative to occur. It seems it’s a little bit more open. That means I don’t f***ing know.”

Well, whatever it may be fans are certainly excited and geared up to see what The Last of Us Season 2 has in store for us.

The Last of Us Season 2 is expected to release in 2025.

Source:  IGN Nordic and Variety

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