“I am so ready to go back…”: Elden Ring was Just the Appetizer as Shadow of the Erdtree Story Trailer Blows Everyone’s Minds

Fans will be diving into a world that breaks itself between order and chaos.

shadow of the erdtree story trailer


  • Shadow of the Erdtree's latest trailer promises a lot for the game's storyline.
  • It seems like Messmer the Impaler is going be a leading character for the narrative.
  • Fans are speculating what new environments and bosses could mean for the game.
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Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree’s latest trailer has given fans a new silver lining for everything the massive expansion has to offer. From new character arcs to surprising gameplay elements, this is going to be an experience that FromSoftware fans have never seen before.


Bandai Namco’s newest trailer for Shadow of the Erdtree has managed to exceed all expectations and speculations we may have had before. This time around, the Land of Shadow is giving fellow Tarnished a chance at redeeming this realm’s history.

Shadow of the Erdtree Looks Like a Brand-New Game

Shadow of the Erdtree new trailer
What lies behind the story of the Golden Order?

Earlier, Elden Ring players were given a glimpse of a new realm they’ll be exploring in Shadow of the Erdtree. The Land of Shadow, as FromSoftware names it, is a large area (about the size of Limgrave) that hasn’t been explored before.


This time, the cinematic trailer has showcased Messmer the Impaler impact on the Lands Between, and how order and chaos have blended to form what is now known as a world of pain for everyone who chooses to brave Elden Ring.

Even though its story was written alongside the original game (thanks to George R. R. Martin), players were not given the chance to explore this realm’s history like this before. 

ELDEN RING Shadow of the Erdtree | Story Trailer


We’re also going to take a look at Messmer the Impaler, a new addition to the game who will appear as a boss and an important character in the game’s narrative. The character’s role in the story is yet to be explored by players, once the expansion arrives on June 21, 2024.

Elden Ring Players Are Extremely Eager to Play Shadow of the Erdtree and for Good Reason

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree new trailer
The trailer has given fans a brief idea of how terrifying new boss fights will be.

With a ridiculous amount of views already, the trailer is causing a positive uproar in the community. Fans are speculating about the trailer’s story arcs and everything that could lead to a better understanding of Miquella in the game.

Surprisingly, there has been no major mention of Miquella, and fans are starting to wonder what this could mean for the game’s overarching narrative. If the DLC doesn’t explore this part of the game, then we’re likely to see more stories about characters we’ve not known before.


So… the voice at the end of ghe first trailer WASN’T Miquella?
byu/imworthlesscum inEldenring

Players have even started speculating what the different environments could mean. For instance, user ChiefLeef22 on Reddit has brought an interesting detail to our attention. A new place of exploration could have something to do with Mohg, Lord of Blood.

Could this be inside Mohg’s coccoon?
byu/ChiefLeef22 inEldenring


Some fans can’t get over the visuals again, something reminiscent of the original release hype.



What are your thoughts on the latest trailer for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree? Do you think Miquella will be an important part of the story? Let us know in the comments below.


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