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“I can definitely feel the tension now”: Millie Bobby Brown Gets Extremely Competitive With Henry Cavill For Enola Holmes 2 as Superman Actor Proves He’s a Genius Too

Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill play a competitive game of anagrams.

The sequel of the popular spy/mystery film Enola Holmes is just four days away from its release, which means heavy promotion following its opening and premiere. The star cast is naturally appearing on various talk shows and interviews for their new film, and recently, the lead actors did an exciting challenge as they both indulged in a detective game.

Enola Holmes 2
Enola Holmes 2

The lead actors, Henry Cavill, and Millie Bobby Brown made a fun video in association with their upcoming film, wherein they both solve anagrams like the true detectives they are. And boy is the duo a competitive one.

Millie Bobby Brown gets super competitive with Henry Cavill

Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes and Henry Cavill as her elder brother, Sherlock Holmes, are both seen to be outstanding detectives in the film as they take over difficult cases and dangerous pathways. But who is the best at solving mysteries in real life? The duo got together to find out exactly that in an amusing game of anagrams.

The game is a simple one, requiring the players to unscramble a given set of words, and the one who finishes sorting the word out the fastest wins the round.

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Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill
Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill

The first round, titled “Millie and Henry facts” consisted of words referring to some well-known facts about the actors which the two had to guess, and with a score of 4 points, the Stranger Things star lead the round leaving Cavill behind at 2 points.

But that quickly changed in round 2 wherein the actors had to unjumble “London phrases,” which Cavill seemed to be figuring out quite promptly with little or no effort. With an intense score of 5-all, Brown put up a challenging face as she braced up for the next round. “Do you know what,” she said. “I do feel the tension between us now. I didn’t before, but now I do,” she pointed out to the Man of Steel star. “Well done Henry.” 

Till round 3 though, the actors had reached a common ground as they figured the anagrams about Enola Holmes 2 out through teamwork. But in the end, the Godzilla actress ended up winning the game by being four points ahead of the Justice League star, with a score of 12-8.

Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill in Enola Holmes 2

With Enola Holmes being a great success amongst mystery lovers, the sequel is expected to be just as good, or even better than the first one, as it introduces Cavill in a more important light as the character of Sherlock Holmes than it did in the first part.

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Enola Holmes 2
The Holmes clan returns for their second adventure in Enola Holmes 2

Directed by Harry Bradbeer, Enola Holmes 2 will have Millie Bobby Brown’s character Enola Holmes take on her very first case, that of a missing girl, as a detective with her elder brother Sherlock Holmes by her side to navigate her through the ups and downs and be her helping hand throughout the case. Besides them, the cast also involves Louis Patridge, Helena Bonham Carter, Hannah Dodd, and Susan Wokoma.

Enola Holmes 2 will air on Netflix on November 4, 2022.

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