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“I can feel hardly any of my teeth”: Hawkeye Star Jeremy Renner Nearly Lost His Vision, Says He Still Can’t Feel Half of His Body

"I can feel hardly any of my teeth": Hawkeye Star Jeremy Renner Nearly Lost His Vision, Says He Still Can’t Feel Half of His Body

Jeremy Renner is a real-life superhero through and through, with the heroic feat that he pulled off risking his own life will be passed down for generations to come. Renner gained early popularity in the industry with his starring as Jeffrey Dahmer in the horror/thriller movie Dahmer and was even applauded for his leading role. Later Renner went on to star in multiple blockbuster movies and franchises, especially the MCU, that might have played the biggest role in shaping his career into the best.

Jeremy Renner portrayed the role of Hawkeye in the MCU, a superhero who worked very hard to uphold the peace and protect the weak, and it might seem that by playing this character for such a long time Renner took some of the character’s personality in him. As it did not take him a second to react to the dangerous heavy snowplow machine sliding down the road and put himself before it, to prevent his family members from getting injured.

Jeremy Renner with the interviewer
Jeremy Renner with the interviewer

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Jeremy Renner’s Road to Recovery After His Accident

On New Year’s Day when everyone was celebrating with their families and loved ones, our very own superhero Jeremy Renner suffered heavily in a terrible accident to protect his family and loved ones. With multiple broken bones, blunt chest trauma, and severe orthopedic injuries one can only guess the amount of pain the actor was going through as he was run over by his 14,000-pound snowplow machine when he jumped into action to save his nephew from getting hurt.

Jeremy Renner getting a massage during his interview with ABC News.
Jeremy Renner getting a massage during his interview with ABC News

While Renner is healed now, and can even walk a little with the help of crutches, the last few months were extremely tough for him and his family. During his time at the hospital, the Tag actor frequently shared pictures and videos of his improvement for all the fans and followers who have been rooting for his well-being and thanking all those who have supported him throughout this tough journey of his.

Jeremy Renner working out after getting better
Jeremy Renner working out after getting better

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“This whole side of my body I dont really feel [pointing to his right chest area] to the sensitivity to touch, but it will grow, I can feel the change already in two months. The same in my face like I can feel hardly any of my teeth on the upper part because that’s they went inside my face to put in two plates because the orbital crack, my eye was kind of really not good”

During a documentary-type interview with ABC News, Jeremy Renner opened up about many things he felt in these last couple of months, the pain he went through, the suffering his family underwent, everything. The Avengers actor also shared that though he feels quite good nowadays and is even able to walk, his body is not quite as it was before the accident. Further, into the interview, he reveals that he does not feel any sensation in some particular areas of his body such as his right side, which was severely injured, and his face, which was also crushed during the accident.

Jeremy Renner’s Family Is Thankful For His Speedy Recovery

When the interview moved on to his family members and questions about his recovery were asked they exclaimed themselves to be very happy for Renner’s speedy recovery, it was more than what they hoped for as it has been only four months since his accident and such recovery is only possible for a man with sheer will and determination to get out in the world again. Kim Renner, Jeremy Renner’s younger sister added that they just couldn’t believe that he had already improved so much and jokingly stated the fact that he was, “being stubborn as sh*t, so stubborn, the guy is so stubborn. He’s not gonna let anything take him down”.

Jeremy Renner with his family
Jeremy Renner with his family

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“I’m not like tenacious belief, you know, […] the narrative of being victimized or making a mistake or anything else, I’m refused to be f*cking haunted by that memory that way. This is why I talk to my family about from all their perspectives, which are horrifying, that I put upon them, but we just endured, that’s real love – suffering but that feeds the seeds of what love is.”

Jeremy Renner makes a very heavy yet emotional statement about his life these past months, even though he talks about himself and his family, Renner sends a very important message to everyone out there who might have suffered from any critical injuries or anything, never giving up, relying on your family for love and support, and working on yourself is the way to rise up again. With the rapid pace of the actor’s recovery, it is only a matter of time before he is fully healed, up and running for his shows, movies, or any other role lying in wait for him.

Source: ABC News | Youtube

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