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“I cannot be f—king broke”: Dwayne Johnson Reveals His Driving Force That Amassed $800M Fortune Despite Fading Hollywood Career After Black Adam Failure

“I cannot be f—king broke”: Dwayne Johnson Reveals His Driving Force That Amassed $800M Fortune Despite Fading Hollywood Career After Black Adam Failure

Dwayne Johnson has seen a lot in his life that has helped his journey to becoming one of the biggest names in Hollywood. His rise in fame has contributed to him creating a name for himself in the best possible way. With an acting career as successful as his, a production company rising gradually and a wrestling career that marked him above all in WWE, Johnson quickly became legendary.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

The actor has worked vigorously in his career and it shows. The hard work is evident from a mile away and with the passion and charisma he portrays in any project he puts his mind to, it becomes obvious that no other actor would be better suited for a role Dwayne Johnson gets picked for.

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Dwayne Johnson Wanted To Earn More Than $7 Bucks

Dwayne Johnson has opened up about his struggles during his childhood and how he became an ambitious person with such heavy goals. The actor revealed that while his life had been somewhat comfortable, it was never the right amount. He saw his parents work extensively hard and yet he understood how difficult it was to make a day-to-day living. He noticed that the end in front of him was not kind if things kept going on the way that they were.

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Dwayne Johnson in San Andreas
Dwayne Johnson in San Andreas

“I am going to scratch, claw, kick, bite and fight my way, to get more than $7.”

He saw that the path in front of him would lead to being evicted or being left without money. With that, he made his goal to be just a simple thing. He did not want to be broke. He wanted to have money for himself and his family so as to not see them struggle the way that they were. He just wanted money in his pocket so that his family could have enough financial support to not see a day’s worth of difficulty.

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Dwayne Johnson Was Not Ready To Be Broke

A man worth $800 Million’s initial goal before stepping into show business was to simply not be without money. Financial dependency was not something Dwayne Johnson was looking for. Being the 54th player is how he puts it. The wrestler-turner-actor has seen a lot of ups and downs in his life and his career.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

“I can not be f-king broke.”

He did not want to make his mom and dad face any financial burden and so it became very important that he chose the right career and a balanced path for it. So far it has been a smooth sailing boat seeing how his concern of being broke is nowhere near becoming true.

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