“I can’t tell you how much sleep you stole from me”: Tom Holland Was Terrified by His Marvel Co-Star’s $255M Oscar Nominated Movie for a Surprising Reason

Tom Holland Was Terrified by His Marvel Co-Star’s $255M Oscar Nominated Movie for a Surprising Reason

Tom Holland got his big break in the movie The Impossible alongside much-acclaimed actress Naomi Watts. Acting opposite Watts at 16 he didn’t look out of place at all and continued landing several roles after his portrayal of Lucas.

Not many were surprised by the success he got early on in his career, but the decision from Marvel Studios to rope in him as Spider-Man stunned many. At 5 ft 8 inches and with a slender physique, he was never viewed as an actor suited for the action genre in a heroic role. But now, having done six movies as Spider-Man, Holland has firmly made the role his own and is likely to continue leading the MCU franchise as web-head.

Tom Holland as MCU's Spider-Man
Tom Holland as MCU’s Spider-Man

However, his comments regarding Daniel Kaluuya’s movie suggest that behind the scenes he’s far from your typical hero and might end up wishing for his on-screen superhero to save him in one particular scenario.

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Why Tom Holland Was Terrified by His Marvel Co-star’s Movie

Over the years, Tom Holland has shown he’s a versatile actor, and his latest Apple TV+ mini-series The Crowded Room only strengthened this belief. Starring alongside Amanda Seyfried, the Englishman brilliantly portrays Danny Sullivan, a young man arrested for a shocking crime in Manhattan in 1979.

Tom Holland
Tom Holland

However, the 27-year-old is yet to test himself in the Horror genre. Speaking to Variety in 2021, Holland expressed his desire to try his hands at the same. But there’s one catch: He’s terrified of the genre.

This fear is the same reason he couldn’t get a proper sleep after watching his Marvel co-star Daniel Kaluuya‘s movie, Get Out. Holland recalled the tormenting experience: “Get Out is one of the only horror films I’ve ever really seen, and I love that film, but I can’t tell you how much sleep you stole from me.”

Black Panther’s W’Kabi is Kaluuya’s most popular role, but the 34-year-old’s most remarkable work came in as Chris Washington in Get Out (2017). As far as general reactions to the movie are concerned, let’s just say it did a lot more than just scare Holland.

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How Good Was Daniel Kaluuya’s $255.4m Movie That Terrified Tom Holland

Kaluuya played the lead role in the horror flick about an African-American man visiting his Caucasian girlfriend’s parents. The movie proved to be a huge success at the box office, making $255.4 million against a budget of $4.5 million. It was that year’s tenth most profitable film.

Daniel Kaluuya in Get Out.
Daniel Kaluuya in Get Out.

Get Out also enjoyed a great Oscar outing, getting nominated in four different categories. Jordan Peele who wrote and directed the movie won Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

Despite all the success, Kaluuya’s comments suggest even he wasn’t a big fan of his movie – or at least the genre of it. Though, he did laud the movie’s director, Peele.

Kaluuya said: “I had babysitters who used to play “Nightmare on Elm Street” to me, and I used to watch that as a kid, and that gave me nightmares. So I wouldn’t go out of my way to watch a horror movie, but Jordan Peele killed it.”

Regardless, his fans would certainly want him to give the genre another shot. And for Marvel fans, it would be even better if Kaluuya – who stars as Spider-Punk in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse – collaborates with fellow countryman Holland in such a project.

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