“I could never do that”: Stephen King Whose Films Won a Whopping 15 Oscar Nominations Was “Gobsmacked” By Adaptation Starring Johnny Depp

Stephen King Whose Films Won a Whopping 15 Oscar Nominations Was “Gobsmacked” By Adaptation Starring Johnny Depp

The undisputed master of horror and suspense, Stephen King’s spine-tingling tales have intrigued not only book lovers but also movie fanatics with the countless adaptations of his books. These adaptations have gained immense praise, along with numerous nominations and accolades. However, as he promotes his new book, Holly, the acclaimed author talked about his approach towards a mystery novel, saying that he could never do what authors like Agatha Christie did.

Stephen King
Stephen King

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Stephen King’s Approach to Crafting Mysteries

The renowned author Stephen King is busy promoting his new book, Holly. The book features an investigator Holly Gibney, a character King introduced in his 2014 novel Mr. Mercedes. The novel follows her solving the truth behind multiple disappearances in a midwestern town.

Award winning author Stephen King
Author Stephen King

During his appearance on The Book Review Podcast, the author was asked about his approach towards mystery and suspense stories. He explained that he prefers building up suspense in the story, instead of focusing too much on the mystery element. He shared on the podcast,

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“I think it helps to have written books that are like ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley.’ I loved everything Patricia Highsmith did, and there was never a question of who did what in those books.”

Murder on the Orient Express film adaptation
Murder on the Orient Express film adaptation

However, he found himself unable to follow up with “how Agatha Christie did what she did.” King shared that he was “gobsmacked” by her books, including The Murder of Roger Ackroyd and Murder on the Orient Express, whose cinematic adaptation featured Johnny Depp. However, he also said that he “could never do that,” as he stated that he is not interested in the mystery as much as he is in the suspense of the story.

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Stephen King’s Holly Tops Bestsellers Charts

Stephen King’s latest book, Holly, was released on September 5, 2023, and the author has once again landed a bestseller with the story of Holly Gibney. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the book grabbed the top spot on Amazon’s bestsellers chart.

Stephen King's Holly
Stephen King’s Holly

As of the writing of this article, Holly is in the second spot following Walter Isaacson’s biography of the richest person in the world, Elon Musk. During his interview on the podcast, The Stand author shared that he finds the lead character of the book very interesting and talked about her growth throughout her past appearances in his books. He shared that Holly has turned into a significant character and acquired a sense of empowerment.

Holly is available on Amazon.

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Source: The Book Review Podcast

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